I think we've got everything right?...... part 3

posted Sep 7, 2010, 2:42 PM by A Standish
A good friend tells me of the time that he dashed out of the house one morning, grabbing his detector on the way. He goes to work  and at the end of the shift, dashes off to a local field where a local dig was going on. He changes into his detecting kit, assembles his machine and then goes to switch it on......... thats the first problem!

The control box was missing. It was in Ireland undergoing repairs!!!!

Oh dear, did his detecting friends laugh!!! However, one took pity and lent him the DEUS for the afternoon. 1 fibula, 3 roman coins and several bits of Bronze were pulled out of the ground. Then the rain came!

Next time ...check that the detector has its control box!