Fork handles, not four candles!

posted Jul 28, 2010, 6:11 AM by A Standish
A good friend of ours tells me the story about when he broke his spade handle, whilst out detecting. His detecting buddy, offered to look round the town for a replacement handle. Could he find one??  No!

Having traipsed round 2 specialist builders merchants, endured the salesmen doing their impression of the Ronnie Barker 'fork handles sketch' before they realised they couldn't help. This was followed by a trip to  Focus and Homebase, then a visit to an out of town specialist store.

A spare spade handle was nowhere to be found. There was a clear expectation from all the stores, don't bother with a repair! .... buy a new spade.

Anyway, a quick look on the internet, solved the problem and the replacement part was with our good friend within 24 hours.