posted Mar 11, 2011, 1:06 AM by A Standish
On a recent outing, one of our members discovered that he had forgotten his battery for the detector. So he rang a colleague who was coming along to join him, to see if he could call into the house and fetch it, thus saving a journey home of around 6 miles. All was going to plan, until the colleague got to our members house, only to discover the occupants had gone out for the day, without telling our detectorist.

A quick call established that the occupants were well en route to Northampton. So there was nothing else to do, but to get in the car and make the journey back home to get the battery. Thus wasting a good half hour of valuable detecting time.

On returning to the house, there was no sign of the battery. So where was it ...   yep you guessed it, it was in the car all along.