Ludlow - 15th August 2010

posted Aug 17, 2010, 10:05 AM by Tony Smithurst   [ updated Aug 23, 2010, 2:55 PM ]

Oh didn't we have a lovely day
the day we went to Ludlow.
A beautiful day
with lunch by the Hay
and all for about £6 you know.

and on the way back
we struggled with lack
of satnav to guide us homeward.

joining the queue
on the M42
as the wheels went round.

This rally was attended by about 60 people along with Peter Reavill, the F.L.O for Shropshire. The valley in which we had gathered, had excellent history of a Roman road, platforms cut into hillside and a mention in the Domesday book. No detecting had ever been done in this valley before. [The cost of the rally was £6].

The fields were pasture, easily diggable after the recent rains. It wasn't long before the frst finds started to come in.  A full  rally report can be obtained by clicking on the link. [If the link doesn't work, you may have to sign up to the DetectingWales forum first].

General military button, &
Geo 2nd halfpenny

The best finds recorded were an iron age terret ring, 2 staters, 9 hammered coinage and a whole host of other interesting artefacts as well. Interestingly though, no Roman.  Well over 80 finds were recorded with the F.L.O. during the day.

There will be another rally in the same area, but on the farm next door, in early September.