Hertfordshire - 3rd October 2010

posted Oct 4, 2010, 11:24 AM by Tony Smithurst

Contrary to all the weather forecasts and Tony's justifiable prediction of 'hell and high water' on Sunday, the day dawned bright and sunny as we set off on an early start to Sawbridgeworth.  After an uneventful journey and only a few spots of rain we arrived nice and early.  Hearing that 'this was the field where the torc was found' my hopes were high, the sun shone, wet weather gear donned 'just in case' and off we set.

Slight mistake here: wet weather gear and bright sunshine are not comfortable bedfellows.  In fact, we were both grateful for a bit of shade.

The field was a bit damp after a lot of overnight rain which meant a lot of mud ended up stuck to everything.  The rain kept off until midday or so, when we had a couple of hours of wind and rain which made the field even more sticky.  I though the Garrett had put on a bit of weight until Tony pointed out the soil attached to the bottom of the coil.  My, after a scrape-down it felt like a new detector!  Sadly the wellies weren't as easily cleaned off.  Now I know why my legs are aching today; dragging around a kilo or two of mud per welly has taken it's toll on the leg muscles!

Overall, finds were a tad sparse.  We heard tell of a Victorian gold sovereign (or perhaps a half sovereign) and we saw a couple of Roman grots and a zoomorphic brooch, perhaps Celtic or Roman.  Tony found a nice cut penny. I found a motley selection of buttons.  Heigh ho.

The major benefactor of the day, however, was the scrap bucket.  If I ever meet Messrs Lee or Enfield (unlikely, I admit) I may tell them what to do with their .303 cartridges.  We also found a lot of chewed up pieces of aeroplane, evidence of the wartime airfield proximity and a bit of dodgy flying I suspect.

So after another quick coffee we set off back and the heavens opened.  A good drive back, home by half six and Tony didn't seem to mind too much the bits of Hertfordshire brought home in his motor!
Submitted by Peter H - 4/10/2010