Harlow - 15th August 2010

posted Aug 17, 2010, 10:03 AM by Tony Smithurst   [ updated Aug 23, 2010, 3:06 PM ]

40 plus members of the Rally UK mdc gathered for their weekly meet in Essex, the rain held off and the sun was in attendance for most of the day.The morning produced a few quality finds including a Celtic strap junction, a La Tene, and other, fibulae and a scattering of coins including a bronze unit and several hammered. The two large fields were being very selective and by lunch time, several members had already called it a day and departed to attend to other business.

In a discussion with the organiser, it was revealed that the fields around this particular area seemed to have the strange property of improving in the afternoons. Due in part to the gradual drying out of the surface throughout the day. After a brief lunch break, we headed back out to the fields in the hope that the sun had been working it's magic. Almost immediately, a beautiful seal matrix popped up to the delight of one of the club regulars.

The day was scheduled to finish at 4pm and by 3 O'Clock there were but a dozen of us left on the fields still searching for the illusive finds. It was at this juncture that this 350 year old shilling put in an appearance to the delight of our attending member.


Charles I shilling (The XII on coins of this era refers to the 12 pennies that equalled a shilling in old money, ie. 12d). It was made at the Tower mint whilst under parliamentary control in 1644 - 1645. This is identified by the mintmark "(R)" that can be seen above the crown.

Being the first hammered of the year for this particular member, it was indeed a very special find. Other finds for the day included a bronze pot leg, four cattle ear tags, a copper pigeon ring, a copper alloy thimble and half a dozen various buttons.

With only two weeks to go to the annual 2010 Rally in Sawbridgeworth, we are looking forward to seeing what else this area has to offer.