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General Talks

Since the formation of the Northamptonshire Artefact Recovery Club in May 2010, we have delivered 38 talks about our work, and exhibited our finds at 12 events. Over 1000 people attended the talks and about the same number came to the exhibitions up to the end of 2011. We have been very well received throughout as we take our travelling museum of artefacts into the community for all to see.

We have a few dates free on our calendar for 2013 and look forward to continuing to spread the message about our work. If you wish to book a speaker for 2013, then please complete the form in the contact us section.

2013 - talks and exhibition events

08.05.13 feedback from the talk at Cliftonville Care Home. [19 in attendance]
"I loved touching the old objects"
"The collection was marvellous to see"
"I liked the thimbles, particularly the child's thimble"
"The old coins were wonderful to hold"
"I had a very enjoyable time, thank you" 

..and the oldest person in attendance was 106 years old!

01.05.13 feedback from the talk at Cynthia Spencer Hospice [17 in attendance]
"That was a very interesting talk, thank you"
"I enjoyed holding the artifacts, there was so much to see and take in"
"The talk was informative with a great deal of much appreciated humour"
"I did enjoy looking at all the display trays, the buttons and buckles were lovely to see"
"Some very nice coins to look at, the silver threepences brought back some great memories of my childhood"

13.03.13 feedback from the Northampton branch of the Parkinsons Society. [19 in attendance]
"An excellent talk by a very passionate speaker"
"Humorous, entertaining and so much information"
"I thought the hobby was 'geeky', now i realise how wrong i was. It was wonderful to hold the artefacts"
"I find it very difficult to get to museums. Thank you for bringing the travelling museum of
finds today. I did enjoy holding them"
"I never realised how heavy a musket ball was! It could kill you, quite easily"
"So much information, so enjoyable. I'm going home to check my button box and old coins"

feedback from the WI at Preston Capes. Our 100th talk. [22 in attendance]
"A superb talk, thank you"
"It was very interesting to see how plotting the finds revealed ancient pathways"
"I did enjoy handling the lovely artefacts that you brought along"
"An excellent presentation, with a lot of food for thought"
"It was a great way to start off the re-formation of our WI group. thank you"

feedback from the Daventry methodist group [18 in attendance]

" What an interesting talk. Thank you"
" I did enjoy seeing all the artifacts that you brought along. They were fascinating"
" A wonderful afternoon, very interesting indeed. I was so pleased i coiuld handle them, it brought the subject alive"
" I'm so pleased i braved the snow, it was a very informative presentation"
" A superb afternoon, i was thrilled to see the items up close"
" Thank you for donating your time to give us this talk"

feedback from the Rugby U3A group. [134 in attendance]

"So inspiring to see how your clubs work has brought the history of the fields alive"
"I really enjoyed that talk, thank you"
"I learnt so much about the importance of recording and why we should record our finds"
"Thank you for explaining about the Portable Antiquities Scheme, i now appreciate what they are about"
"Entertaining, amusing and a talk of high quality"
"The finds you brought along were lovely to see. I now wonder what have i thrown into the bin, when gardenening"

2012 - talks and exhibition events

17.10.12 feedback from the Long Buckby History Society
"A wonderful evening, well presented and extremely informative"
"Thank you for putting the local spin on things"
"I really enjoyed that talk, it's the best one of the year"
"I learnt so much and can now appreciate the hobby from a different perspective"
"I'm so pleased that your club is setting the standard for others to follow"
"A lovely evening, great fun and very interesting indeed. Itr was great to see the local finds.

feedback from the Milton Malsor W.I.
"I and a few others thought that tonights talk was going to be boring, but we really enjoyed it. We think it's been the best talk of the year"
"I learnt so much tonight, why didn't they teach us that at school!"
"It brought back so many memories, i can't believe that you knew about the old threepenny bits and their use with stockings!"
"Those thimbles were fantastic to look at, but i did like the roman brooch, the point was really sharp"
"An excellent evening, thank you."

feedback from the Hardingstone Happy Valley Wine Circle & Social Group [25 in attendance]
"That was a very interesting talk, i really enjoyed it"
"It was good to see the artefacts on show, i can't believe the size of the child's thimble"
"Well done on recording your finds, it's good to see someone taking the hobby seriously"
"You certainly made the evening a very enjoyable one, thank you"

feedback from talk at Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Northampton [16 in attendance]
"This is the 5th time you have visited our group and each time we see something different"
"You certainly have an unique skill which brings out the best in our patients. They so look forward to your visit"
"Thank you for bringing the finds along, i really eenjoyed looking at them and hearing the stories first hand. It made my day"
"Your skill as a teacher, made it very easy for me to lip read what you had to say. Thank you"
"It's been wonderful to see the finds"

feedback from those attending the Northampton Parkinson's Society
"That was such an interesting and enjoyable talk. I did like the humourous way in which it was presented"
"It was fun to be here today, you really brightened up my day. The finds were lovely to see and touch. Thank you"
"Thank you to you both for coming along with such a wide variety of finds. I loved the anglo saxon brooches"
"I haven't been to a museum in years, and miss it so much. Thank you for letting us hold the artefacts"
"My raffle prize is just what i needed. I will now be able to read the small print, more easily"

feedback from those attending the Daventry W.I group [37 in attendance].
"Wow, what a talk, the best one this year"
"It's wonderful to see what you have found"
"I will look at the area in a different light, next time i drive past it"
"You an your colleagues have done a great job in recording the past, keep it up"

feedback from those attending the Preston Capes Fete. [Over 400 in attendance]
"Your display was certainly a major attraction for all to see, thank you to you all for bringing it along"
"very good display"
"Very interesting"
"Our first time here, have not seen all the display yet, but i do like what we have seen so far"
"I've never seen a collection like this. It's very interesting with plenty of information from knowledgeable people"
"Fascinating, - Thanks"

feedback from attendees at the Willoughby History Festival [87 in attendance]
"It was wonderful to see so many fascinating finds on display. Thank you for bringing them along"
"Wow, I shall certainly pay more attention to what i'm digging up in the garden from now on"
"I found an 1806 penny, when digging out a post hole in Napton". [This gentleman later brought the coin in and donated it to the Village History group].
"What a lovely display, i was absolutley fascinated to see the size of the baby thimbles"
"Thank you for showing us the finds, you certainly bring the subject to life"
"That Lead ring was so beautiful"

23.05.12 feedback from a talk to the Far Cotton History Group [64 in attendance]
"That was very interesting indeed, you certainly brought it home the importance of recording"
"Very informative and enjoyable. Your sense of humour added to the occasion"
"I have an old George 111 penny which i found in the garden, do i have to record it?"
"It was so enjoyable to hear the story about the origin of our £.S.D"
"Despite the technical hitch at the beginning, you certainly made the talk a special one"
"It was a real pleasure to see the old artefacts and to be able to handle most of them"

feedback from talk at Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Northampton [17 in attendance]
"It was so good to see the finds"
"I really enjoyed seeing and handling the objects"
"You made my day so enjoyable, thank you
"Your sense of humour, was a great tonic"
"I hadn;t been to a museum for ages, your collection of artefacts was the first time  i had held things of great age. It makes you think how the object had been lost and who owned it".

feedback from BRI group [42 in attendance]

"How on earth did you pack all that in to a half hour talk
"That was a very enjoyable talk and it was great to see the artefacts up close"
"Very interesting indeed, i wonder what i've got in my paddock"
"It was very exciting to see how you have mapped the findspots and the information it generated"
"One of the best talks for a long time, thank you"

feedback from the Willoughby W.I [19 in attendance]

"An excellent talk, i found it very interesting indeed"
"I learnt so much tonight, it was very informative and i did like the local aspect"
"Very, very interesting, thank you"

I was then asked to judge the 'things found in your garden' competition. On display were, a George III crown, a George IV sixpence, an 1880 Victoria silver threepence, a tin cup commemorating the accession of Victoria to the throne in 1837, a military badge of the Lancashire regiment and a few other items as well.
Thank you to everyone for making the evening a very interesting one. We look forward to seeing you all at your heritage weekend in June.

feedback from the Bugbrooke U3A group [53 in attendance]

"I thought todays talk was going to be boring, i can honestly say it was well presented, delivered articularly and very, very enjoyable. I learnt a lot"
"This is the second time i have heard the talk and it felt as if it was completely different, as i must have missed a lot the first time around"
"Thank you, it was very informative"
"Will your group come and help me search for a lost wedding ring, in my garden?"
"It's such a delight to hear about the responsible approach to methodology and recording, that your group adopts. Keep up the excellent work"
"Fantastic and inspiring, when can i have a go!"

feedback from Rugby U3A group [132 in attendance]
"Thank you for such an informative talk, it was very interesting"
"I learnt so much today, and it was very enjoyable to listen to you"
"Thank you for letting me hold the gold coin, its wonderful to imagine who must have held this in the past"
"The artefacts on show were excellent, can i have your contact details so you can come and talk to our Rotary group please"
"I was amazed at how the NARC team have catalogued, mapped and recorded the aretafcts. Well done to you all, its a model of good practice"
"I used to work at a local museum and never got to handle the artefacts, thank you for giving me that experience"


2011 - talks and exhibition events

Monday 22nd November - Clifton on Dunsmore
We were invited, along with Mr Gren Hatton of the Barby Hill project, to deliver a talk on 'life in tudor england' to a group of year 5 students. Gren covered aspects of daily life, manorial rolls, farming methods and the role of the church. Alan talked about coinage, artefacts in everyday use and crime and punishment. Many artefacts from Tudor England were on show and there were some excellent questions from the youngsters, who listened intently and demonstrated impeccable manners throughout the session.

Thursday 17th November
- Ravensthorpe WI
A large turn out in the newly decorated village hall, was the setting for this evenings talk. 33 people were in attendance and everyone was thoroughly entertained with the stories, the artefacts and the presentation on offer. Many aspects of the topic were covered and some very searching questions asked. feedback again was excellent.

"A lovely evening, i thoroughly enjoyed that talk"
"It's fascinating to see how you and the club have recorded and plotted all the finds"
"Well done to you all for recovering and recording the nations history, it's good to see the positive side of the hobby"
"Can i come and join you on the fields some day?"

Wednesday 16th November
- Eydon Ladies
23 people were in attendance to hear about the discoveries found locally. Some excellent stories were shared and some lovely questions asked. There is likely to be another hands on come and try it session in the new year. Some immediate feedback was

"That was a very interesting and humurous talk"
"It's a great idea to bring a 'travelling museum' into the villages. It's good to see such things in the village"
"With rural public transport no longer available, i'm trapped in the village as i can't drive. Thank you ever so much for bringing the artefacts along, I used to like going to museums, but alas i can no longer get there. Well done to you for coming up with this great idea."

Sunday 6th November
- Woodford Halse, Station Court residents
This meeting was very well attended and was the largest 'show and tell' event that we've done. With around 30 people present and some lovely stories from a lovely lady who first began detecting in the early 1960s, plus a look at a very old C Scope detector, it all made for a very interesting afternoon. There were many stories shared, exhibits passed around and a few laughs along the way.

Thank you all for a very interesting afternoon.

Wednesday 2nd November
- Cynthia Spencer Hospice
Despite a late arrival due to heavy traffic in the ongoing roadworks, which meant a normal 30 minute journey took 90 minutes! The resultant show and tell talk, brought much interest and excitement to the assembled group. There were many interesting questions asked and a lot of interesting tales shared. Yet again it was a pleasure to be asked along and help provide a source of interest and comfort to those not well enough to visit local museums. Yet again, a big thank you to all involved. It is a pleasure to work alongside such wonderful volunteers and professionals.

Wednesday 24th August
- Cynthia Spencer Hospice

We were invited to exhibit our finds in support of the Hospice Open day fundraising event. Over 40 people were in attendance throughout the day and there were many positive comments about the quality of the finds on show and the fact that they were able to hold them.

The item that raised the most interest was a lead dice. Everyone remarked on its structure, weight and who could have used it, what games did they play, etc. It certainly got their imagination going!

As an aside there was a marvellous demonstration and exhibition of wood turning by Malcolm Hill. It was good to see such a quality craftsman at work. I even bought one of his products!

A big thank you must go to Pat, Lesley and the rest of the team for making us so welcome and providing a superb buffet for everyone to enjoy. The Strawberry flan was beautiful.

Wednesday 8th June
- Wootton W.I.

A very interesting evening indeed with 33 members of Wootton W.I. who had gathered in anticipation to hear the presentation. There were some very interesting questions from an enthusiastic audience. A lot of artefacts were passed round for all to appreciate. For a change, a 45 minute presentation lasted over an hour with the following feedback.

"You have been the most interesting speaker that we have had for a long time"
"It's not often that as a group we can say that we could have listened to you speak for yet another hour
. It was a very interesting talk. Thank you"
"I did enjoy handling the items passed round. It brought the presentation to life."
"Long may the club keep up the good work"

Tuesday 31st May
- Northamptonshire Centre for Independent Living, Northampton.

It was great to accept an invite to deliver a 'show and tell' session to a very enthusiastic group, whose knowledge of History was excellent. The event, delivered by Alan & Tim, lasted almost 2 hours and was very well received by all. The pleasure and delight on the faces of all the participants as they handled the objects that were being passed around the room, was obvious to see.

The time went very quickly indeed and in the feedback session, the following comments were made

"It was great to be able to hold the items"
"I really enjoyed that"
"I did enjoy looking at all them buckles"

Thank you to everyone for making us so welcome at your centre.

Wednesday 11th May
- Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Northampton.

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited back to this wonderful group. As I walked into the room, i was greeted to the beautiful music of the Blue Danube waltz. [That brought back memories of a beautiful sequence from Stanley Kubricks, 2001 A Space Odyssey].

We quickly got over the introductions and then embarked on a show and tell event, where the participants and i were able to share many a story over the finds and artefacts on show. There was a lot of interest in all the objects and quite a few commented as to

'how lovely it was to be able to handle the objects and to see them up so close'

Everyone present enjoyed the stories surrounding the finds and as one very lovely lady put it - "you brought history to life".
The time passed oh so quickly and before we knew it, over an hour had past and we were all treated to scones and tea.

Thank you everyone at the Hospice for making us so welcome yet again. Keep up the wonderful work.

Tuesday 3rd May
- Piddington friends

A very interesting evening with 19 ladies in attendance. The venue was a local house with 2 superb hosts, who provided much infectious laughter and enjoyment throughout the evening. A newly developed presentation was delivered for the second time and it was very well received with some excellent feedback about its content. Some of the feedback comments were

"I had heard how good your talk was last week and was sorry to have missed it, tonight was a very stimulating and thought provoking event"
"A very interesting evening indeed, i thought last weeks was good, but this one was better"

"Metal detecting, done properly with thorough recording like your club has demonstrated, has a part to play in understanding our nations history. Well done to you all."
"After attending last weeks talk, i thought tonight would be very much the same, but you changed the entire presentation. Both talks were outstanding.Thank you"
"A lovely evening, you made it a very interersting one."

Thursday 21st April
- Hackleton W.I
After an 18 month delay, [no heavy snow this time!], we finally got to Hackleton to deliver a presentation about our work. 33 members were present, with a few familiar faces in the audience.
A lot of fun was had along the way and a very entertaining evening ensued. Yet again the feedback was extremely positive, with coments such as

"That was a very thought provoking talk, thank you"
"I really enjoyed the well thought out presentation"
"Our local museum at Piddington is open over Easter, please come along"
"I really do like the idea of a travelling museum, well done indeed"

Wednesday 13th April
- Bugbrooke History Society
It was a pleasure to be guest speaker at Bugbrooke History Society AGM. 19 people were in attendance and it was interesting to hear about the groups history, its work and achievements to date. Thank you for an enlightening evening. It was good to see familiar faces from days gone past.

The talk was very well received, with the artefacts on show creating a huge interest amongst those present. There were many humerous interludes along the way, that made the evening such a success.

The feedback was, yet again, extremely positive with comments such as
"Thank you for bringing the artefacts along. I don't have transport so can't get to the town museums."
"The roman brooch was amazing, how lucky you were to find it intact."

"The presentation was extremely informative and interesting. We did enjoy it, Thank You"
"I was fascinated with the variety of objects that had been recovered. Keep up the good work."

Tuesday 12th April
- Moulton W.I
To celebrate the 85th anniversary of the WI branch, NARC were asked to deliver a presentation about their work. 33 ladies were in attendance and there was some marvellous audience interraction that made the talk a very entertaining one indeed. Lots of questions were asked and memories jerked along the way. Needless to say the event was a huge success and there was much interest in the display of artefacts that were taken along.

The feedback included comments such as
"I didn't realise that the hobby could be so interesting"
"I found it absolutely wonderful to see the artefacts on show. Thank you for bringing them"
"I came to last weeks talk and am amazed how you changed the entire presentation, for us"
"See, i told you he was a good speaker!"

By the way, the birthday cake was absolutely delicious, thank you.

Tuesday 26th March 2011
- Moulton Friendlies

A wonderful turn out of 47 members and a very warm welcome was given to the NARC team on their second visit to this group.
A new presentation was trialled and was well received with some excellent suggestions made on how to improve on the slide show.
The members asked some very interesting questions. New display cases were on show which were well received.
The feedback contained comments such as
"It was so interesting to see how the fields usage changed over the years"
"I learnt so much about how your teams discoveries have added to the villages history"
"Wonderful talk, thank you"

Thursday 10th March 2011
- Welton W.I

27 members of Welton W.I gathered in the newly renovated village hall for their regular monthly meeting. A display of Artefacts was on show which proved to be very popular indeed. After a short meeting, the talk got underway and there were some very interesting questions from the audience, to keep us on our toes.

It proved to be a very informative evening and the Welsh cakes at the end, were delicious. [Don't forget the secret ingredient next time ladies!].

The feedback was again extremely positive, some comments made were
"I certainly learnt a lot this evening"
"I shall certainly be looking at objects found in the garden with a lot more interest"
"It was a very, very interesting talk, thank you. I really enjoyed it"
"It certainly brought home the value of recording our history"

Thursday 17th February 2011
- Weedon W.I.

After a rousing chorus of 'Jerusalem' sung by 33 members of Weedon W.I, business was quickly underway. One lovely feature of the meeting, was the recognition of members who had recently celebrated their birthday. I was amazed to hear that a lovely lady [Cynthia] had just celebrated her 104th birthday. This lady is the oldest person who has attended our talks to date. There were also 2 others present aged 96 and 94! There really must be something in the water at Weedon that helps produce such longetivity.

The talk was well received and there was much audience particpation, including a lovely contribution about sewing and buttonholes, which provided much laughter, by Cynthia. The display of artefacts provoked much discussion.

Members of the W.I had their own competition that evening, which was to bring along an old object that they had in the house. There were many interesting items, including

Two George 3rd bullhead shillings from 1816 and 1817 respectively,
An 1806/7 George 3rd penny,
A beautiful crafted teapot with the name of the village, dated 1881 
A world war 1 silk,
A needlework sampler from 1861
Victorian hatpins
A brass kettle and stand
A silver teapot, and
2 well loved cuddly toys. [Apologies if i have forgotten anything]

The feedback received included comments such as

"A most enjoyable talk"
"It does make you think about how important finds are in our history"
"This has been the best talk we have had in ages"
"I really enjoyed the evening, thank you"
"It was lovely to see all the finds, thank you for bringing them along"

Tuesday 1st February 2011 -
Braunston W.I.

A very well attended event with over 30 people present, in the local village hall. There were many interesting questions from an eagerly participating audience. The talk was very well received as were the artefacts on display. Some of the comments received were

"I never realised how exciting the hobby can be, thank you for the insight"
"I did enjoy seeing the artefacts, it was good to be able to pick them up and hold them"
I am amazed at the quality of the craftsmanship. How did they do it?"
"I really enjoyed that talk, it was lovely. Thank you"
"Thank you for making the talk a very enjoyable one. I learnt so much this evening"

Tuesday 10th January 2011
- History of Tiffield Society.

The first talk of 2011, was delivered to the newest members of C.L.A.S.P. - The History of Tiffield Society. We met at the George Inn Tiffield, a quaint old English pub, with a roaring fire and good ale. Well worth a visit.

It was lovely to see such an enthusiastic group of people, work together in recording aspects of their village history. The group will indeed be a great asset to C.L.A.S.P. and we look forward to working with them on various projects in due course.

There were many artefacts on display, for H.O.T.S. members to view and handle. The talk produced some very interesting questions from the enthralled audience. The initial feedback was extremely positive with comments such as

"That was a very well put together presentation and well delivered. Thank you very much indeed"
"I did enjoy being able to handle the artefacts and see them close up. It's something you can't do in normal museums"
"The idea of taking a travelling museum around the villages is a great one"
If you would like us to come and speak to your group, then don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on the Club Services page and select the Show Me section.

2010 - talks and exhibition events
Below, you will read a general report from some of these events and be able to read what they say about it.

Wednesday 24th November - The Stockmans Association.

It was indeed our pleasure to deliver a presentation to landowners this evening. There were around 20 people present from around the county, and we had an very interesting time in their company. We were made very welcome and were able to put on a good display of artefacts from our travelling museum.

There were a lot of interesting questions and we were able to clarify the role of responsible detectorists, what we do, how we do it, how we work closely with landowners and other agencies such as the Portable Antiquity Scheme, C.L.A.S.P, and Crimestoppers.

There was a lot of humour throughout the event and the talk was very well received. A lot of positive comments were made about the artefacts on display.

We would like to thank everyone in the Association who made our last talk of 2010 a memorable one. We look forward to meeting many of you again in 2011.


On Wednesday 10th November 2010, yet again we were invited back by Cynthia Spencer Hospice Outpatient department, to deliver a talk to an assembled group. The style of the talk that we adopted was a 'show and tell' session, passing artefacts around and allowing the group to share their experiences.

There was an interesting exchange of experiences with one gentleman recounting his visit to Xian to see the terracotta warrior army. He really brought his visit to life, which encouraged those who heard it, to visit the site.

The humour that abounded within the group was a pleasure to witness, with many of the artefacts prompting childhood memories that were shared between us.

All to soon, the time had passed and it was hard to drag oneself away. There were some lovely comments made about the talk

You made the subject so interesting, it was lovely to hold the artefacts.

I really enjoyed everything, it was wonderful.

I love my history, and seeing the artefacts up close helped me understand even more, the importance of studying the past.


On Tuesday 28th September 2010, the NARC presentation team were invited to speak to an audience of 45 people at the Duston
Community Centre. Many finds were on show and a wonderful morning was had. The humour, entertainment and pleasure derived was apparent in the audience feedback. It was a very interesting session and a pleasure to speak to the Duston over 50's group. Thank you.

The feedback comments were:-

"You are such a passionate speaker, you obviously enjoy what you do"

"Do you do any other talks?"

"I could have listened to the talk for hours"

"It's a great idea, taking your travelling museum of finds around to various places. Thank you"

One gentleman approached us and said 'my wife carries old coins about with her all the time, in her purse'  his next comment was "I've never seen her open it!"


On Tuesday 7th September 2010, we were invited to deliver a talk and exhibit our finds at Chipping Warden W.I. There were 17 ladies present and the evening proved to be very humorous, enlightening and enjoyable. After the talk was over, there was an opportunity to look at the many finds on display and ask some very interesting questions about the hobby.

The W.I. group expressed an interest in arranging a come and try it session and we are certain that it will prove to be an enjoyable event. We look forward to this happening in the near future.

"I haven;t enjoyed myself as much as i have tonight, for a long time!"

"You made the subject very interesting and exciting, I can't wait to have a go"

"Keep up the good work."

Village report as printed in the Daventry weekly express 16.09.10

The speaker Alan Standish was introduced to give his talk on Exploring with a Metal Detector. He gave an interesting insight of his finds at various local sites with on screen pictures of coins, buttons, buckles, pottery etc from Roman times and beyond. Members were able to handle the many samples he brought along.

The presenters thoroughly enjoyed the evening and were excited by the interaction and enthusiasm displayed by the Chipping Warden W.I. We wish them every success in their fund raising events.


On Wednesday 4th August 2010, we were invited back by Cynthia Spencer Hospice Outpatient department, to deliver a talk to an assembled group. The style of the talk was different to the normal approach. This time we adopted a 'show and tell' session, passing artefacts around and allowing the group to share their experiences.

There were a lot of interesting discussions around, 'how does a detector work?', 'how do you know what site to go on?', 'where do you record your finds', 'the treasure act' and 'common ground'.

Answering these questions, along with the humorous stories, made the session an extremely informative and enjoyable one for all present. The feedback comments were,

"I had to force myself to come here today but i am so pleased that i did, it's been a wonderful talk"

"I was so pleased to hear about responsible detecting, and how you work together with other agencies"

"It has been a marvellous afternoon, thank you ever so much. I really enjoyed handling the artefacts"


On Friday 30th July 2010, two of our members delivered a talk on the hobby of Metal Detecting, to 30+ people, involved with the Parkinson's Society. It was an absolute pleasure to see the delight and the many happy faces, from members of the audience as they handled  the precious artefacts.

One gentleman was able to identify a land army badge, with a wicked smile on his face!!  A lady on a nearby table identified the same badge as coming from WW1, not WW2 as previously thought.

There were some lovely stories shared with us, and it was a real pleasure to hear the reminiscences and memories from those present.

We were so pleased to receive such a positive response from the assembled group. Some of the many comments included 

"I have never held anything as old as this before"

"I'm so pleased i came today, i hardly ever get out these days. I used to love visiting museums"

"Thank you for coming, I learnt so much about the hobby"

If you would like us to come and speak to your group, then don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on the Club Services page and select the Show Me section.