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Eydon Ladies, 20th July 2011

On a typically British summer evening, cold, cloudy and damp, 19 ladies from the beautiful village of Eydon took part in a
'Come and try metal detecting' session, with 5 members of the N.A.R.C. club.

We all met at the arranged time at the Royal Oak PH, and marched down to the field where the landowner gave us a quick run down on the layout.
 Off we go


After a brief introduction as to how the machines worked, the ladies were quickly into their stride


.....  and it wasn't long before the finds started to roll in. Within a few seconds, a £1 coin was  found and this was followed quite quickly with a 10p coin, by the same team. Another group were happily pulling out aluminium cans and a hinge, the biggest hole of the day fell to Roger's group, who were well over 1 foot down, when they came across a grilled drain. [Gentle persuasion had to be used, to put them off digging that up!!]


Meanwhile, a quick excursion into the copse by Roberts determined group, produced the oldest find of the evening......... a musket ball. Richard's ladies, not to be out done, extracted an old decimal 1/2p. Other finds included an interesting lump of lead, a 19th century horse buckle and various items of scrap.

As the night drew in, we made our way back to the Royal Oak PH, where each group shared their finds and experiences.

So, well done the Eydon ladies, we are pleased that you enjoyed the experience.