Inaugural Club Dig - "The Chain Rally"


Saturday 31st July 2010; Crick, Northamptonshire

Inaugural Club Dig
"The Chain Rally"

The Northamptonshire Artefact Recovery Club is pleased to present our report of the N.A.R.C. inaugural club dig, held on Saturday 31st July 2010. The dig was held to the east of Daventry close to Watling Street on an area well known to several of our members.

The landowner had recently approached the club, stating he had heard of our professionalism and having read the high quality reports on our website;, very much wanted us to perform a search on his hilltop field, overlooking Watling Street. So after several discussions about the remit, we got the go ahead to hold our first outing as a club.

We made arrangements for 8 of the team to carry out the search on the pasture field. The known history was that the field had been pasture since the early 1960’s and had some evidence of ridge and furrow.

With everyone arriving on time, the drive to the remote field was a bit bumpy, but all arrived without mishap, the only minor problem was the leaving of the dig co-ordinator’s mobile phone at home!

With everyone off and running, the finds very quickly appeared. The ground proved a delight to dig and the signals were deep. Lots of buttons, buckles and bullets were in evidence, however a heraldic shape mount

and a beautiful 1½” object with 3 coloured stones [the 4th one was missing],
were the key finds of the morning. Subsequently we have learned that the mysterious object was a jewellery clasp, probably from a pearl necklace.

The most mysterious object of the session was a large chain, found by one of our lady members who had spent a fair time recovering it. We’re so proud of her recovery expertise that we have named the dig after her prize find! 

Returning for lunch, we quickly admired the skills of our 2 colleagues, who had packed a portable camper stove, water and had a brew on the go before you could say ‘mine’s a pint’! Careful thought had gone into providing extra cups for others to enjoy the warm drink, in the remote location. Thank you for this.
The afternoon started in style when within minutes of setting off,
another of our lady members dug up a silver ring, but no hallmarks on it. This got everyone excited and proved to be the talking point when the landowners appeared soon after.

The afternoon session continued to provide more buckles, buttons and coins. However a silver Winchester bullet got members speculating as to whether the Lone Ranger had been in the area!

As the session drew to a close, we packed up and made our way gently down the hillside and then back to a members’ house where we enjoyed a remarkable BBQ.

The entertainment provided by Blossom; the African Grey Parrot,

was wonderful.  We were all caught out with her vast repertoire of sounds, including microwave pings, telephone rings, shouts of ‘Oi’, wolfwhistles etc. If this wasn’t entertainment enough, Sky; our hosts’ lovely dog, proved to be well trained, well behaved and wonderfully obedient. She quickly became the star of the show.

The BBQ was magnificent, with everyone contributing food, drink and excellent company.

So thank you everyone for making our first club outing a magnificent success. The good news is that we’ve already heard back from the landowner and we are welcome back to tackle another field next month.

Download this report in a printable pdf file here