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Preston Capes Village Fete 2010

Preston Capes
Village Fete 2010
In their third month of existence, N.A.R.C. were delighted to be able to accept the invitation to attend the Preston Capes Village Fete as exhibitors.
The day started at 11am on an overcast, but most pleasant, July day. The team arrived at the fete site to find that we had been allocated the Church for our club’s exhibition.
Due to the unfortunate withdrawal of one of the other exhibitors, we actually had the whole Church to ourselves.
Shortly after lunchtime, the displays were erected and the team set about on some fine tuning. Including a complete remake of one of the Chairman’s display trays which had been overcome by gravity during the preparations.
After a much needed tea and coffee break, the team were raring to go as the first guests started to arrive at the church,

shortly after the fete opened at 2 O’clock.
Alan took up position in the ‘meet and greet’ role by the entrance to the displays, whilst Tim and Sue performed an excellent job of showing and explaining the finds to our visitors.
Denise, Tony and Peter were also on hand to help explain what we do as well as introduce the Club and its services to the broader audience.
The main finds table was a great attraction for all ages. The “scraps” box found itself the centre of our younger visitors’ attention, who certainly seemed to enjoy the opportunity to “touch and feel” some of the more common finds.
As the afternoon progressed, the interest continued unabated. A big Thank-You to the refreshments team who popped by the church with a flask of tea. If you ever lose that flask we promise to search for it free of charge.
We had many interested, and interesting, local visitors. Many of whom seemed to share our interest and passion for the search and recovery of our heritage. We even had several visitors who already own their own metal detectors. We certainly look forward to hearing from many of you over the coming weeks. Whether it be to follow up on the invitation of searching your land, or be it simply to know more about the club.
We would sincerely like to thank the organisers of this year’s event and look forward with anticipation to next year’s fete where we would hope to show some new finds and reveal a little bit more of the Preston Capes Heritage.
Comments from the Visitor and Guest Book
  • I enjoyed looking at all the artefacts,
  • Great,
  • Very impressive,
  • Fascinating,
  • You realise how much life was before us,
  • Appreciated the personal touch and the opportunity to handle the artefacts and hear first hand from those who found them. thanks.
  • Very interesting [3 times]
  • Well displayed, interesting
  • Very good exhibition
  • Most interesting
  • Great collection
  • Very informative and friendly
  • Fascinating
  • Fascinating exhibition, an interesting element of the fete.
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