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05.03.2011 - Kilsby Exhibition

N.A.R.C. were invited to take their travelling exhibition to the lovely village of Kilsby, in rural West Northamptonshire.

8 members of the team were present and able to answer many of the questions posed.

The event was quite well attended by villagers and those from further afield. Many positive comments were made about the quality of the exhibition and the items on display.

"What is below my garden? A very interesting and thought provoking exhibition, well presented and informative. The jewellery, WOW!"
"Very thought provoking, all things eye catching and jewellery very attractive."
"Good & varied displays, something of interest to all. Very good idea to allow handling - makes it more personal. Many thanks.
"Fascinating, would like to find more like it myself".
"An excellent display, very well presented and most interesting"     
"Very helpful"
"Very interesting exhibition. Fascinating display of finds, especially the jewellery"
"Lovely to be able t
o handle such ancient things as early coins."

and finally, a lovely comment, right at the end of the day by a lovely gentleman celebrating his 90th birthday.

"It makes such a difference to be able to handle the artefacts, unlike museums, where they are all under glass"

So thank you everyone who came along, we very much enjoyed talking to you and seeing the finds that you brought in to show us.
Those of you with items over 300 years old, please record them with the Finds officer for your area. Click on the links provided below.

Northamptonshire - Julie Cassidy - Finds Liaison Officer, for the Portable Antiquity scheme

Warwickshire - Angie Bolton - Finds Liaison Officer, for the Portable Antiquity scheme

Kilsby exhibiton, March 2011