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March 2012 - Club Night report.

posted Sep 17, 2010, 8:55 PM by A Standish   [ updated Dec 25, 2012, 3:50 AM ]

Club Night -  AGM

15 members turned out for a very succesful evening with a very entertaining speaker, Tim Upson Smith. Tim spoke passionately about a communtiy project he was working on in the midst of Warwickshire. Everyone present commented on how interesting the talk was and how things were coming together with the community volunteers. An interesting aside to the project, was the encouragement of artist impressions of the finds, combined with poetry. Very different indeed.

Happy Hunting everyone

Underwater Archaeology - finds table



The Great Rugby Ring Hunt
On Saturday 20th November at 10am, 6 members of NARC met at Hillmorton playing fields to take part in the 'great Rugby ring hunt'.
We had been called in to help in a search for a wedding ring that had been lost by a member of the public earlier in the week. After gaining the necessary permission from the relevant authorities, we begun the search.

The weather was a typical November cold, foggy and damp day. We split up into 3 teams and methodically and painstakingly proceeded to search the identified areas. After a couple of hours we all met up over a coffee to discuss progress. The score so far was £3.20 to the detectorists, but no ring.

So, we resumed the search moving onto different areas. Regretfully, at the end of 5 hours searching, the ring had beaten us. Well, almost .. we had recovered a total of £6.30, just enough to cover the cost of the petrol!

We are now hoping that a member of the public had picked the ring up earlier in the week and handed it into the police.