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posted Feb 18, 2011, 12:22 AM by A Standish   [ updated Nov 13, 2017, 12:51 PM ]
14th July - A member of the public lost their wedding ring at the edge of a car park in Northampton. One of the club members attended and within 20 minutes had found the missing ring. Needless to say, there were smiles all round.

On Tuesday 13th June, we recovered a lost wedding ring from the local baseball field in Northampton. We were grateful that the Borough Council granted permission for the search after we assured them that no digging would take place. The gentleman who lost his wedding ring had travelled down from Nottingham to participate in a game. Needless to say, he was recently married and was desperate to recover the keepsake.  Glad we were able to oblige!

On Monday 19th June 2017, we searched  for a wedding ring that had been lost whilst gardening. The gentleman who lost it was 80 yrs+ and had lost his wife several years ago. The wedding ring had great sentimental value as one can imagine. Our oldest club member, was dispatched and he was able to recover the wedding ring, which had made its way into the grass cuttings dustbin. The smile on the guys face was priceless as he realised that it had been found. 

Well done to the club members who recovered the missing rings.


Ellie Cox, will be holding regular outreach surgeries across the county, throughout 2017. 

If you are in Daventry, she will be based at Daventry Museum, every third Friday in the months of March, May, July, September, November.
Find surgeries will be from 10.30am for at least 2 hours.

Any treasure cases should be reported directly to her office, via email. Info about Ellie can be found at

Working alongside CLASP, club members are invited to participate in the forthcoming archaeological survey to determine the extent of the Anglo Saxon Cemetery that was discovered in 2004.

Details have been sent out, the dig commences on the 22nd August for 1 week.  Then we move to another site close to Long Buckby to support CLASP in another dig project. 


A CLASP Open Day will be arranged in October 2018, where the professional Archaeological groups are reporting back to the community on their recent excavations prior to large scale development in the area.

Details of the FREE event can be found at     

Tickets must be booked in advance.

November 16th 2015,  rescue archaeological dig involving MOLA and CLASP. The project is scheduled to last 1 week, but may run into 2.
A structured metal detecting survey will be a major feature of the project.

08.05.13 Cliftonville Nursing Home
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01.05.13 Cynthia Spencer Hospice
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13.03.13 Northampton Parkinsons Society
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Preston Capes WI
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12.02.2013  Daventry Methodist group.
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Rugby U3A talk

It was the first talk of 2013 and over 130 people had turned up to the first meeting of the year. The talk was well received and many interesting questions were
asked. The exhibits on display were much
admired and commented upon. It was indeed a pleasure to talk to such a vibrant group.


On Saturday 8th December, a club member was informed that a member of the local community had lost a wedding ring whilst out walking the dogs. Fortunately, they had marked the area where they had thought they had lost it. After a concentrated search lasting an hour and despite several interruptions by local dog walkers, he finally located the wedding ring. It had been trodden on and was lying in the muddy surface, covered by grass. So well done N, a great result.

On Thursday 6th December, a local landowner was cultivating a field when an important piece of equipment fell off the tractor. Using the club detector, the landowner and friends located the vital part and were well pleased to be able to resume their work after a short delay.  Very well done to you all.

On Thursday 20th September, we received a call from a member of the public who had lost a brooch of great sentimental value. They had attended a function in a very large garden, which had also been the site of a Marquee and car park. The task ahead was quite daunting, however after a very slow and methodical search lasting almost 3 hours, the brooch was located and returned to the very grateful owner.

The result was one very happy member of the public, one very pleased detectorist and the offer of payment for our service was declined. Well done AS.
On Tuesday 21st August, the club received a request from a distraught member of the public in north Northampton, who had lost a silver bracelet in their garden, whilst gardening. The bracelet was of immense sentimental value and our expertise was required. The person closest to the location was BG. He made the necessary arrangements and on Thursday afternoon, turned up at the house and carried out a systematic search of the garden and privet hedge. Lo and behold, it wasn't long before the bracelet was found, hanging from a twig, close to the ground.

The result was one very happy member of the public, one very pleased detectorist and the offer of payment for our service was declined. Well done BG.


17.06.12  Willoughby History Festival
On a wet day, we made our way to Willoughby, where we put on a show of finds in support of the Willoughby History Festival. Other local history groups from Barby, Braunston, and Willoughby were in attendance. There was also a lot of interest in the Viking encampment and display, which was sadly curtailed due to the appalling weather.

However there was a lot of local interest in the event, with people coming from Herefordshire, Yorkshire, Staffordshire as well as local Northamptonshire villages. Our display was well received and a lot offers came in to support local history projects and landowners in their work.

25.04.12 Cynthia Spencer Hospice
An afternoon show and tell event, saw 14 people in attendance with the oldest being 90 years of age. It was wonderful to share stories, memories and swap tales about the artefacts on show. Many objects were shared round, and almost all elicited a question from the audience. It was a busy occasion trying to keep an eye on where in the assembled circle, each display tray had progressed to. So thank you everyone on making the event, one to remember.

BRI Group

An early start for an 8am breakfast, followed by a presentation on the value of metal detecting to members of the BRI breakfast group. 42 people were in attendance and quite a few finds were on display. One of the more interesting asides, was the talent of Julie, who had baked a cake with the NARC logo. A brief report on the talk can be found here.

10.04.2012 Northampton Inner Wheel
21 ladies gathered to receive a new presentation on the value of metal detecting, recording and how we work together with local authorities. There were many finds on display and as always there was much comment about the wide range of items on show. There were many interesting questions from the audience and much positive comment and feedback about the quality of the work done by NARC.

Willoughby W.I.
19 members were in attendance this evening. There was a lot of interraction with an added extra of a finds map of the items discovered around the village in 2011. The members had brought in a wide and varied selection of items that had been found in their gardens over the years, [see feedback section]. It was good to hear about the local history group taking the lead in getting a local geographical feature listed. Well done to you all and we look forward to seeing you at the heritage weekend in June.

Bugbrooke U3A
54 members attended their first such event of 2012 and were pleasantly entertained by Alan & Tim. There were many interesting questions around the responsible approach taken by NARC to recording, researching and displaying the finds through the travelling museum. A lot of positive comments were received about the presentation, the joint approach to working with C.L.A.S.P, as well as answering questions as to what book to use to research coin values and their history. It was a very succesful event and Tim & Alan would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for making us so welcome. Keep up the excellent work.

Rugby U3A talk
After a guided tour of the infamous gyratory system [3 times around it!], we finally made it to the destination where over 130 members of a thriving U3A group attended the first meeting of 2012.This was the largest audience that we have given a talk to, to date. It was very well received, and the feedback comments were extremely positive indeed. [They can be read here]. There were many interesting questions and some excellent audience participation. A huge thank you to you all for the warm welcome and we wish you every success throughout 2012.


On behalf of the Committee and Members of EL,  I write to thank you so much for speaking at our November meeting about your metal detecting finds, and in particular we very much appreciated you bringing the travelling museum.

From the comments received on the evening I know that all of the members found your talk both entertaining, but also hugely informative.  For my own part, I was incredibly moved to be allowed to hold the Queen Elizabeth I coins.  It was such a tangible link with the past, that I felt quite emotional, and in conventional museums such artefacts are always out of reach behind glass.

Thank you for helping to make our November meeting such a very interesting one.  On behalf of EL Group may I take this opportunity to wish you and all of your colleagues in Northampton Aretfacts Recovery Club a very happy Christmas and a happy and successful 2012.


Pictures are now in the gallery.  Many thanks indeed to everyone who donated the mystery prizes, and a huge thank you to Sue for making it all happen on the night.
A huge thank you also to Joan Allen for their gift. The best mystery prize of the night, a diving session,  was one by our minute secretary Denise.

If you have any finds to record with our FLO, then below you will find a list of surgeries and venues, where you can hand them in. So, until the next meeting, enjoy the New Year celebrations and make sure you find some time to get out onto the fields, where hopefully all your finds be exciting ones.


A gallery of pictures taken at the Towcester Archaeology celebration event on 31.07.2011 and the exhibition at the
Waterloo Farm Leisure complex  can be found here

The October club meeting will have a theme of Weights and Measures. So please bring along an object to show other members.

The October club meeting will also have a guest speaker talking about Milestones.


Sunday, 17th July 2011

The annual fund-raiser for the church and village hall, proved to be a very interesting afternoon. There was an excellent display of artefacts, which led to some great feedback as follows,

  • Very interesting and i had a good time,
  • Fascinating finds, would like to see more,
  • Fascinating displays, varied and very interesting to hear the stories of discovery,
  • Great display, our boys loved all the old artefacts and were really interested,
  • I think its very interesting and fun to look at,
  • Absolutely amazing exhibits,
  • Very good display,
  • Very interesting, being able to get up close to see the objects. There were some very well informed people who took the time to explain the artefacts. Thank you.
  • Amazing finds! lovely to see what you actually found in our own village.
  • Very interesting display and knowledgeable people to talk to.

PC 17072011


Sam Moorhead talk

[Finds Officer for the British Museum, 2011 Archaeologist of the Year]

On Friday June 17th 2011 at 8pm,  the club were honoured to have such a distinguished guest speaker, Mr Sam Moorhead, come and deliver a talk to us and invited guests, on Roman coinage. The talk proved enlightening and extremely informative as to the value of recording our finds and the interpretation that can be drawn from the findspots.

The value of recording Roman grots was brought home to us all as particularly as the lower base coinage of the early 5th century is proving to be exciting in defining a possible date as to when the coinage actually went out of circulation.

It was an excellent evening and indeed a pleasure to welcome many guests from the world of archaeology, other detecting clubs and C.L.A.S.P organisations. Thank you all for coming along.

We are indeed very grateful to our Finds Liaison Officer - Julie Cassidy, of the Portable Antiquities Scheme, for her help in arranging this talk.


  • Please thank everyone who got involved withn organising this event. We found the talk to be enlightening and thought provoking. What an excellent speaker thoroughly enjoyable. I hadn't considered the impact that metal detecting has had on developing our understanding of occupied Britain (well done to all of us).  Thank you.
  • It was an excellent evening and very enjoyable indeed.
  • Well what can you say? It was Brilliant. Sam is witty, enthusiatic, a thought provoking speaker. I am so glad we came to this talk.  Now we shall all value the Grots because we know how important these are......Bet we all have some of these is our rubbish box!
  • Thanks very much for organising the talk last night. Sam could have gone on for much longer I am sure, but he managed to cover so much in the hour and a half. I think the point that came across to me was the value of finds. The intrinsic  financial value appears to be of secondary interest to the much more valuable location information. An excellent ally.
  • I know that Sam greatly enjoyed his visit to the club last month, and has passed on his thanks to all members for making him so welcome.


Once Upon a Time, schools had strong rules of discipline and punishments. Read all about what the children had to put up with in 1683. Click here
- pictures from the rally now available in the gallery. The report has now been posted. Click here

KILSBY History Society
- Metal detecting exhibition.Read the report and see the picture gallery here


Photos of members reference books.

 Club members reference books 02.2011

Members Reference books