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18.09.18 - more news

posted Aug 3, 2010, 1:10 AM by A Standish   [ updated Nov 16, 2018, 1:59 PM ]
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The next club meetings are
February 2019

March 2019 

7.15pm [at the new venue]     

Chinese lanterns continue to be a source of concern, if club members see any on the farmland, please pick them up and dispose of them into a bin. Please don;t leave them lying around for the animals to eat. One landowner lost 8 cattle in 12 months to lacerated stomachs caused by these objects.

There is also a recent report of a lantern setting fire to a Conservatory roof
Landowners report hare coarsers visiting their fields in recent weeks. Gates removed from their hinges as well. Police informed.

There are also reports circulating the area of people hunting with lurchers. Please inform the landowner or police asap, if you see anything suspicious.

There is also a report in the local paper, on 4 men being found guilty of poaching. Click here to read the story
As the lambing and calving season gets under way, please make sure that all gates are closed and that you report any animal welfare concerns to the landowner. There is also the possibility of thieves and rustlers becoming more active. If you see any suspicious vehicles, please pass on your concerns.
There are increasing reports of scrap metal theft occurring across our region. Earlier this week a blue merceded van and its occupants were caught by the landowner inside a remote barn close to a village 6 miles south east of us.

2 weeks ago in a recent incident in a village 8 miles to the North of us, thieves in a white Mondeo, raided a local farm. Fortunately they were disturbed, but not before they had taken a few chickens from the coop as well.

A white van was also spotted parked up about a mile away at the same time. Presumably awaiting the call from those doing the theft, to come along to the designated spot and load up the scrap.

NFU are asking memebrs of the rural community to keep an eye out for livestock rustlers, and suspicious livestock vehicle movements at night. There have been a few incidents in our locality and the likelihood is that it will continue to increase as the recession continues to bite.

There have been several incidences reported locally where the remote fields have been accessed in the middle of the night by criminals who have set fire to stolen copper wire, in order to strip the metal out of the jacket. Needless to say, if you see any such activity going on, or come across the remains of such activity, please let the landowner, or local police know.
The NFU are reporting an increase in the theft of fuel from farm vehicles and storage facilities.

Landowners in the area report that in the past week, they have been experiencing 'travellers' driving up the farm tracks and inquiring about 'scrap metal', during the day time.

They ask residents in rural areas to be vigilant about suspicious vehicles seen at similar locations. If you see anything suspicious, please contact 03000 111 222

NARC advice to members is to ensure that you note the times and number plates of suspicious vehicles in the area that you detect. Also make sure that your ID card is clearly placed in the window of your vehicle, for all to see.
Proposed work for 2014 involves projects in Harpole. Details circulated

The 2013 Whitehall Villa dig report and further information on the project can be found at Blog of the burying of the villa site, is well worth a read

A very good pictorial blog on how the CLASP group recovered and raised the 2 major roof beams, found on the Whitehall site, earlier this year. Well worth viewing.

Watch the video on you tube
A Diary of the Treasure process. Read all about the latest correspondence here. Last updated 02.10.10

General talks

Read the latest feedback after club members spoke to the Parkinson's Society, Northampton, on 13th March 2013

2010 Harpole   
Archaeological dig report
This 'dig' report can be read online, by clicking on the 2010 Harpole link.

Rallies - Beginners Advice.

Rally report

An essential read if you are thinking of going on a Metal Detecting Rally. The advice can be found in the Reference section of the site.

This section details members experiences of Rallies and their finds.

The Great Rugby Ring Hunt - read how we got on.
 This is a very interesting piece of research carried out by Geoff at Chefphones, it is now available as an attachment in our Reference section. It's well worth a read.

It's worth reminding members that if you require headphones, then speak to Geoff who will give you 10% discount.
Gallery Visit the gallery to see the latest slideshow of the April 2011 club rally.
Tales from the NARC
This humorous section has 4 parts to it.

I don't believe it  read the latest stories about our time spent detecting

Once upon a time  contains a lovely story entitled 1963 and the Great Train Robbery.

NARCy's travels - Our club flag is now out and about. Catch up with him here on his travel blog. He has got the taste for travel and is now back from his latest trip to  CALGARY.

NARC - Social events, where you will find reports and photos of our social activities

External Rallies & Events
Have a read of all our external digs here...

Reference Lots of very useful information in this area, providing links to almost every aspect of metal detecting. e.g.

Roman coinage - Visit the reference section and read the latest post.
TOMBAC buttons - a very useful site to help you date them.