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Rallies - Beginners Advice

Thinking of going on your first Rally? Then there are a few things to consider.

There are many groups out there who organise rallies, Central Searchers, RallyUK, Weekend Wanderers, Detecting Wales, Leisure Promotions, to name but a few. You must be a member of the group and the registration can be done through their websites. In some cases, Rallies are advertised in the Searcher, or Treasure Hunter. In other cases the Rally information is just advertised through their website, where the exact location is kept hidden until the day before, when an email is sent round, with travel instructions.

Some Rallies have poor facilities, where its just turn up and go on the field. Other rallies will provide food outlets, onsite toilets and sometimes evening entertainment if its a 2 day Rally, or longer.

So, having decided that you are going to a rally, what do you need to take.  The essentials are Detector, Headphones, Spade and Spare Batteries, Food and Water, Wet wipes are useful, Sun cream, A First Aid kit, Hat and Wet Weather gear if the forecast is poor. Don't forget the mobile phone and contact details of the rally organiser. A few plastic bags are always a good idea, to put your dirty clothing or spade in, at the end of the day.

On arrival, payment will be collected and instructions given out as to where you can detect. Take note of the land where you have parked and the ground conditions, you don't want to get bogged down. Some of the fields will not be open to detect on, until the afternoon session. Sometimes there will be a FLO in attendance, where you can record your finds onsite. Otherwise you will have to wait until you get home. In the event of a treasure item being found, you must make the rally organiser aware of the fact, before you leave the site and ask them to confirm the protocol to follow. Do not hand over the find, but do allow photographs to be taken by the organiser.

So now you are ready to detect, have a good day and make sure you fill in all the holes you dig, and do not leave any rubbish in the holes, or to the side of them. Take it off the field with you and dispose of properly. Remember, after you have gone, that field may be used by livestock and sharp items left on the surface, or poorly filled in holes could lead to the landowner having an unnecessary vets bill. So follow the country code and be aware of others.

Enjoy the occasion and others company around you. There are a lot of knowledgeable and helpful people about, to assist if need be. They can be excellent and very enjoyable occasions.