Welcome to the "Recover" section where, over time, we hope to build up a repository of information to help you get the most out of the Metal Detecting hobby. Here, we will provide links to orgranisers of rallys, discussion forums, equipment suppliers, and anything else we come across that we think will be of use to the metal detecting community.

Best Practices

Risk Assessment

Whilst metal detecting is both an exciting, and healthy, outdoor pusuit, one must always be aware of the potential hazards associated with the hobby. In our Risk Assessment section we consider the various types of risk that are out there and discuss what we can all do as individuals  to mitigate them. Please take a minute to review these and consider how they might affect you the next time you are out with your metal detector.


Quote: "The National Council for Metal Detecting is a representative body of elected volunteers formed in 1981 to provide a means whereby responsible metal detector users would have a democratic forum to discuss problems affecting the hobby and to provide an authoritative voice to counter ill -informed and frequently misleading criticism of the hobby."
Their website contains a wealth of information for any metal detectorist:
"To Promote, To Protect, To Encourage"


Metal Detecting Rallys

An enjoyable aspect of the Metal Detecting hobby is to get out to one or more of the organised Metal Detecting rallys. These are generally open to all-comers, but you may have to book for the more popular ones. It is also becoming more common to have to pay entrance fees up front. Click on the logos below to discover more about the organisations. 

Rally UK 

RallyUK organise several Rallys a year, be sure to check out their forum to keep up to date with what's on offer

Weekend Wanderers 

The Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club arranges metal detecting days out for people from all walks of life. This friendly club is perfect for novices as well as experienced  detectorists and is easy to join. So, why not explore their website & find out more about what they do, where they dig & see what they have found!

Metal Detecting Forums

Forums are a great place for advice on all aspects of the hobby. Some have their own clubs, or organise rallies, whilst others are affiliated to a particular supplier or manufacturer. NCMD also have their own forum, as do RallyUK mentioned above.  
Here is a selection of a few other forums that our members use on a regular basis:

 Detecting England / Detecting Wales / Detecting Scotland


Metal Detector Manufacturers


XP  Metal Detectors

Metal Detector Suppliers

Please remember to tell our suppliers that you found them here on www.NARC.org.uk.


Joan Allen



Chef Phones

Chef Phones are offering a 10% discount to N.A.R.C. club members. Check their site for the latest models.