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Membership Directory

Membership is open to all detectorists in the Northamptonshire region who hold valid insurance from either NCMD or FID.
New memberships are conditional upon attendance at the club meetings, adherence to the club's ethos, and upon payment of the club's annual subscription fees.
All members should carry their NARC and NCMD/FID membership cards at all times when on NARC outings and events or land where NARC has an arrangement with the landowner. These cards are to be presented on demand should the archaelogical society/landowner/tenant farmer concerned, request to see them. Failure to produce the cards will be taken very seriously.
Third parties wishing to validate a membership card, may do so by calling the phone number shown on the reverse of the card.
CANCELLED MEMBERSHIP CARDS - There are presently NO cancelled 2010/11 membership cards.
The current list of valid membership cards is shown below:
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Members initialsMembership numberInsurance
D.D. 00001 NCMD 
A.S. 00002 NCMD 
D.S. 00003 NCMD 
T.S. 00004 NCMD 
T.B. 00005 NCMD 
S.J. 00006 NCMD 
D.G. 00007 FID 
Showing 9 items