Archaeological and Historical Societies

Archaeological and Historical organisations with whom we have worked in recent months are shown below. The partnership working has been well received and produced many interesting results. If your organisation wishes to enlist our expertise and support, feel free to get in touch.

C.L.A.S.P. - Community Landscape & Archaeology Survey Project
CLASP is an association which brings local archaeology enthusiasts together to investigate their local past. Professional archaeologists lead the activities and contribute specialist skills when necessary - but the 'amateurs' are encouraged and enabled to learn skills for themselves and become self-sufficient in many aspects of archaeological investigation. CLASP also provides talks and lectures as part of its commitment to encouraging local communities to 'own' their archaeological heritage.


Whitehall Roman Villa and Landscape Project
The Whitehall Roman Villa and Landscape Project is a community archaeology project based at Nether Heyford in Northamptonshire, UK. A team of professional archaeologists, students and volunteers has been working since 2000 to uncover the rich history of a beautiful corner of the English countryside.
At the heart of the project is a sophisticated Roman villa and bath house complex which was the centre of an agricultural estate extending over about 10 acres.
Click here to read the N.A.R.C. 2010 Whitehall Villa report


Willoughby Society

The Willoughby Society was formed in 1962. It's objectives were:
  1. The beautification of the village
  2. Research into the history of the village
  3. Recording the natural history of the village and a general concern for the local environment
  4. The welfare of village inhabitants
  5. To foster social life and friendships
Today the Society arranges a programme of talks on subjects of interest to villagers, contributes to projects that enhance the village and it's facilities, and arranges regular social events. In addition members research the village history and preserve and expand the village archive of documents, photographs, and other media.