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December 2012 - A club member was approached by the local village shopkeeper and was told about a lady who had lost her wedding ring, whilst taking off her gloves, when out walking the local footpath. She had marked the general area of the loss. Within hours of being told, our club member made his way to the area, and after about 45 minutes located the wedding ring, which had been trampled into the soft mud by other walkers. The lady was well pleased when he turned up with her missing wedding ring.

October 2012
- I contacted your group after one of our wedding guests had lost a beautiful brooch in our field. The field was being used as a car park, and was well grassed. After 3 hours searching, your club member located the object. Our wedding guest was well pleased to have the brooch returned. Your club provides a great service. Keep up the good work.

2012 - thank you very much indeed for helping locate my lost wedding ring. I'd lost it when i was cutting the hedge and it was skilfully found hanging from a small branch close to the ground.

feedback from those attending the Preston Capes Fete.
"Your display was certainly a major attraction for all to see, thank you to you all for bringing it along"
"very good display"
"Very interesting"
"Our first time here, have not seen all the display yet, but i do like what we have seen so far"
"I've never seen a collection like this. It's very interesting with plenty of information from knowledgeable people"
"Fascinating, - Thanks"

feedback from attendees at the Willoughby History Festival
"It was wonderful to see so many fascinating finds on display. Thank you for bringing them along"
"Wow, I shall certainly pay more attention to what i'm digging up in the garden from now on"
"I found an 1806 penny, when digging out a post hole in Napton". [This gentleman later brought the coin in and donated it to the Village History group].
"What a lovely display, i was absolutley fascinated to see the size of the baby thimbles"
"Thank you for showing us the finds, you certainly bring the subject to life"
"That Lead ring was so beautiful"

23.05.12 feedback from a talk to the Far Cotton History Group
"That was very interesting indeed, you certainly brought it home the importance of recording"
"Very informative and enjoyable. Your sense of humour added to the occasion"
"I have an old George 111 penny which i found in the garden, do i have to record it?"
"It was so enjoyable to hear the story about the origin of our £.S.D"
"Despite the technical hitch at the beginning, you certainly made the talk a special one"
"It was a real pleasure to see the old artefacts and to be able to handle most of them"

feedback from talk at Cynthia Spencer Hospice, Northampton
"It was so good to see the finds"
"I really enjoyed seeing and handling the objects"
"You made my day so enjoyable, thank you
"Your sense of humour, was a great tonic"
"I hadn;t been to a museum for ages, your collection of artefacts was the first time i had held things of great age. It makes you think how the object had been lost and who owned it".

feedback from BRI group

"How on earth did you pack all that in to a half hour talk
"That was a very enjoyable talk and it was great to see the artefacts up close"
"Very interesting indeed, i wonder what i've got in my paddock"
"It was very exciting to see how you have mapped the findspots and the information it generated"
"One of the best talks for a long time, thank you"

feedback from the Willoughby W.I
"An excellent talk, i found it very interesting indeed"
"I learnt so much tonight, it was very informative and i did like the local aspect"
"Very, very interesting, thank you"

I was then asked to judge the 'things found in your garden' competition. On display were, a George III crown, a George IV sixpence, an 1880 Victoria silver threepence, a tin cup commemorating the accession of Victoria to the throne in 1837, a military badge of the Lancashire regiment and a few other items as well. Thank you to everyone for making the evening a very interesting one. We look forward to seeing you all at your heritage weekend in June.

feedback from the Bugbrooke U3A group
"I thought todays talk was going to be boring, i can honestly say it was well presented, delivered articularly and very, very enjoyable. I learnt a lot"
"This is the second time i have heard the talk and it felt as if it was completely different, as i must have missed a lot the first time around"
"Thank you, it was very informative"
"Will your group come and help me search for a lost wedding ring, in my garden?"
"It's such a delight to hear about the responsible approach to methodology and recording, that your group adopts. Keep up the excellent work"
"Fantastic and inspiring, when can i have a go!"

feedback from Rugby U3A group
"Thank you for such an informative talk, it was very interesting"
"I learnt so much today, and it was very enjoyable to listen to you"
"Thank you for letting me hold the gold coin, its wonderful to imagine who must have held this in the past"
"The artefacts on show were excellent, can i have your contact details so you can come and talk to our Rotary group please"
"I was amazed at how the NARC team have catalogued, mapped and recorded the aretafcts. Well done to you all, its a model of good practice"
"I used to work at a local museum and never got to handle the artefacts, thank you for giving me that experience"

"A wonderful talk, which was well presented. It was great to see the artefacts on display"
"Thank you for such a stimulating presentation, as a landowner i shall certainly take on board the points you made"
"I'm so pleased to have made the effort to come along tonight. It's been the best talk of the year".
"Well done to you and your group on taking such a responsible approach to detecting and recording. Long may you continue to flourish"

feedback from Crick festival.
"Thank you for bringing a small selection of finds along to the event. It proved to be a very popular attraction."
"It was great to be able to see and touch some of the artefacts. I can't believe the weight of them musket balls"
"That lead dice was wonderful to see".
"I can't believe you have found all this locally. It certainly helps in our understanding of what lies in the ground".

feedback from Duston Pensioners group
"That was a marvellous talk, thank you very much indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
"I enjoyed seeing all the artefacts, thank you for bringing them"
"It was great to hear about how you and the club have added to the knowledge of local history. Well done to you all"
"I thought the presentation had focus and was well put together".

feedback from a well pleased landowner
I'd like to say thank you to the member of the NARC club who came out and helped me find a flask top that had gone missing whilst i was out riding recently. He was very patient and took a lot of care to explain the process to me. He even let me have a go and would you believe, i found the missing object. Thank you very much indeed.

feedback from the exhibition day.
"It was wonderful to see such a lovely exhibition of ancient artefacts. Thank you very much indeed for coming along and showing them to us."
"I thoroughly enjoyed talking about the military items with such a knowledgable gentleman"
"Thank you to all the members of the N.A.R.C club for taking their time to support our event today. It was appreciated by all who visited the exhibition"
15.06.11 feedback from guest presenter.
Thank you for the opprtunity to speak with you this evening. I have been very impressed with the professional approach of the meeting and to the proposed project.

11.06.11 feedback - from a recent 'show and tell' session
"Usually our members, with their disabilities, would have difficulty in concentrating over the 45 minutes. We had to come and get them after 90 minutes! They enjoyed your event immensely. Thank you."

15.04.11 feedback
from a member of the public.
"I think your website is extremely professional and demonstrates what a detecting club is all about. Well done to all involved, I have enjoyed reading about your work. It makes a huge change to hear about a succesful club, when the one i'm involved with is in decline. Please pass on my congratulations to all concerned"

03.03.11 feedback - from a talk given on the 11th January 2011 to the History of Tiffield Society
"How good to hear of a detecting group that takes it seriously - what a motto to live up to"

21.02.11 feedback
"Thank you all for making me welcome at your club meeting on the 17th feb. I only wish others could witness the professionalism of this club".

21.01.11 feedback
"Thank you for making us so welcome at last night's meeting. We were very impressed with the organisation, the professionalism in the way you go about recording finds, and the excellent guest speaker, Julie Cassidy"

"Last night's meeting was a superb start to the New Year. I am so pleased to be joining such a forward thinking and well respected club"

20.12.10 feedback
   "Sally and I very much enjoyed the Christmas meal, thanks to those responsible for the organisation!  I wish you all well for the festive season".  (R.A.)

"Well done to everyone involved in making the club and the Xmas dinner a great success. It's such a pleasure to say that i really cannot wait for the next meeting to come along"

18.12.10 feedback 
"The website is very interesting and informative. I send my best wishes and kindest regards to you all"  {as reported by our F.L.O. from the recent meeting with her predecessor}

feedback  "I have also met *********** at the Towcester Museum site and he was kind enough to point me in the direction of the NARC website which I have found most interesting"

feedback   I'd just like to thank you for the invite to the meeting 15/10/10 and the warm reception and welcome i received from yourself, and all the other members that attended. I found it very informative and the members were happy to talk about there finds and personal experiences when out in the field. I also enjoyed the guest speaker this month. I thought it was very good that the finds liason officer is in attendance of the meetings.

A different theme each month is a great idea, keeps the meetings different every month, and the find of the month competition is a good bit of fun for the detectorists. In all i found it a great meet and will definately be seeing you again next month.
[new member]

feedback  "I very much enjoyed meeting the group on Friday and seeing the objects they'd bought along and hearing about the work that you get involved in.  You clearly have an enthusiastic and friendly membership group and I felt very welcome".  [Cllr Harris]

17.09.10 feedback
"It has been a very well structured and informative evening
, I have enjoyed my first meeting with you. It's certainly a refreshing approach compared with other clubs. I have recommended your website and club, to many fellow detectorists".

21.08.10 feedback  "It was great to meet you all and the high degree of professionalism you have attained in such a short time, is very impressive".

06.09.10 feedback "Its a pleasure to be part of an active club that actually does things like organising events, rallies and speakers. It's the best club that i've ever joined".