About Us

the “Northamptonshire Artefact Recovery Club” has been formed by a small group of like minded metal detectorists in the Northamptonshire region with the aims of increasing the archaeological knowledge of Northamptonshire as a whole, with specific interest in West Northamptonshire.
The aims of N.A.R.C. are:
  1. Offering surface surveys to Landowners to assist in the determination of their lands’ history within the broader Northamptonshire context.
  2. Providing a platform to enable local detectorists to participate in a controlled manner in full co-operation with the Landowners, by instilling best practices in the ever growing detectorist community.
  3. Forging close ties with local archaeological and history groups to ensure that our services are made fully available as and when required by such communities.
  4. Actively promoting and propagating the history of the area amongst all interested parties and a broad range of local groups. Working closely with Julie Cassidy, Northamptonshire's Finds Liaison Officer of the Portable Antiquity Scheme.
  5. Members will be actively encouraged to attend national rallies and participate in non-club activities to further their and our collective, knowledge of the available technologies and techniques being employed elsewhere in the country to improve the quality of our recovery and recording.

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