have established themselves as the Number 1 Artefact Recovery Club in West Northamptonshire. We hold the occasional club dig in and around West Northamptonshire and meet monthly. Our next meeting will be in September 2021 [if all goes well!].


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One of our strengths is our membership which we actively encourage to be evenly split between male and female. [Our present membership list is now CLOSED. For more details, click here ]. We work very closely with C.L.A.S.P. and the Northamptonshire representative of the Portable Antiquity Scheme, recording all our finds with Eleanor Cox, who is our Finds Liaison Officer.

In the short time of our existence we have worked on the C.L.A.S.P. archaeological digs at Nether Heyford and Harpole. Recovering many important items along the way.

We always aim to work very closely with landowners and tenant farmers. We  ensure that the Country Code is adhered to, whilst on the farmland. An unique feature of our work is the ability to use modern technology to record the findspots and  take onsite photographs of the recovered artefacts. The photographs and report are then sent to landowners for their records.

We have exhibited our finds at the Preston Capes fete, delivered 143 presentations to local community groups, held  18 club rallies, and assisted 11 local village history groups in their search for a medieaval fayre site, and a roman villa. Visit the Reports section and read about our work.
We support ‘come and try it’ sessions with other local history groups and Womens Institutes. Our reputation for a patient and quality service goes before us, to the point where we are in demand. This demand results in requests to deliver presentations to interested parties.

In 2011, w
e delivered 18 presentations to over 800 participants. 
In 2012, we delivered 20 presentations to 1129 participants.
In 2013, we delivered 13 presentations to 425 participants.
In 2014, we delivered 9 presentations to 257 participants.
In 2015, we delivered 18 presentations to 963 participants
In 2016, we deliverd 13 presentations to 478 participants.  We also supported the Starlight Children's charity at a flying day event.
In 2017, we delivered 15 presentations, to 536 particpants. Including talks in both Hereford and the Rhondda valley. We also supported the Starlight Children's charity at it's second flying day event.
In 2018, we deliver 14 presentations, to 473 participants. Including talks in Birmingham, and Swansea. We supported Starlight Children's charity again. We also are involved with the Institute of Detectorists.  A very worthwhile cause.
In 2019, we delivered 8 presentations, to 376 participants. Assisted in several Archaeological excavations, Supported a Children's charity event,  plus a film company wanted our expertise.
In 2020, we delivered 2 presentations to 43 participants. However, 12 more presentations had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are not taking bookings for groups in 2021, at this moment in time. However, if you wish to have such a high quality presentation, please get in touch and we will try to accommodate requests as much as possible, once the pandemic is under control.

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