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Summer Projects:


Lock-in Amplifier

Guide: Dr. Nitin Chandrachoodan

Work done includes,

  • Designed and implemented a lock-in amplifier on an FPGA

  • Implemented stable sinusoidal wave generator(using the principle of DDS) and digital signal processing filters in VHDL

  • Implemented RS232 protocol in VHDL to receive control signals sent using Matlab

  • Implemented the signal conditioning circuits lying in front of A/D converter and after D/A converter

The lock-in amplifier is designed to be used in an “All Fiber Interferometer”, an on-going project at the Center for Intelligent Optical Networks (CION).


I also had the opportunity to attend lectures on Event driven simulation and Graphical Processing Units during my internship.


Current Work:

At Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, under Dr. Nitin Chandrachoodan

I am currently involved in developing the automation electronics for the “All Fiber Interferometer”.


Embedded Real Time Re-programmability of FPGAs under Mr. N Ramadass, Lect., Dept of ECE, CEG, Anna University.

Implemented JTAG protocol in C to be compiled for 89S98252 microcontroller for real time embedded real time re-programmability of a XILINX Spartan2 device. The project also gave me an opportunity to implement an I2C link between the microcontroller and the EEPROM, as a bonus.


Hardware Noise Generator under Dr. P V Ramakrishna, Prof., Dept of ECE, CEG, Anna University.

A synthesizable VHDL implementation of a Hardware AWGN Generator, based on the publication, “DESIGN OF HIGH SPEED AWGN COMMUNICATION CHANNEL EMULATOR” by Emmanuel Boutillon, Jean-Luc Danger and Adel Ghazel.


 Papers Presented


A block level implementation of a text to speech synthesizer. Click here for html version. (You need to allow active content to be displayed in Internet Explorer)

 Configurable Analog Block

Paper on “Configurable Analog Block for Field Programmable Analog Arrays” presented as a solution for Industry-defined problem contest in Vision 07(National level technical symposium of Dept of ECE, CEG, Anna University) got short-listed among the final 6 solutions.

Mini Project for 7th semester

Wireless Paging Network under Dr. Y. V. Ramana Rao

Our motivation behind this project was the idea of developing a messaging network for our own users within the hostel. However our RF modules couldn't achieve the required range to cover one entire wing of the hostel. But the software design ensures a capacity of 255 users.Work done involves

  • Design of transceiver modules that include a custom made keypad(close resemblance to the one on mobile phones), an LCD, a microcontroller and of course, RF transmitter and receiver modules.
  • Framing of each byte using RS232 serial protocol
  • We developed a communication protocol logically, that met constraints and kept the collisions to an optimal minimum
  • Programming was done in C and compiled for 8051 microcontroller using RIDE


Course Projects:

Microprocessors Lab - Mr. N. Ramadass, Lect., Dept of ECE, CEG, Anna University

  • A 16-bit fixed point scientific calculator using 89S8252, capable of performing 24 different functions including trigonometric and exponential functions.
  • Hardware included a LCD display, a 15 button keypad, an 89S8252 microcontroller.
  • Programming was done in 8051 assembly language

Electronics System Design Lab

  • Designed and implemented a 3.5 Digital Voltmeter with -2V to +2V measurement range and 1mV resolution. The A/D conversion was done by implementing a dual slope A/D converter using discrete components.

Digital Electronics Lab - Dr. Y. V. Ramana Rao, Asst. Prof., Dept of ECE, CEG, Anna University

  • Digital IC Tester to test selected ICs of 74xx series, by generating truth tables of the IC. The tester could test all 2 input TTL gates of up to 4 quad input gate ICs simultaneously.
  • The project was used by staff in the Basic Electronics Laboratory for testing digital ICs.

Electronic Circuits 2

  • Pulse amplitude modulation/demodulation system for transmission of voice signals over a wired channel

Medical Electronics Lab - Mrs. Nirmala Devi, Lect., Dept of ECE, CEG, Anna University

  • ECG simulator

Computer Networks - Dr. M. A. Bhagyaveni, Lect., Dept of ECE, CEG, Anna University

     Hobby Projects

    All digital Phase Locked Loop

    Designed and implemented a first order all digital PLL on a Xilinx Spartan 3 platform, with center frequency of 10 kHz and 2kHz lock range.


    Numerically Controlled Oscillator in VHDL

    Waveform generator that employs the principle of digital direct synthesis.


    BPSK and BFSK transmitters using VHDL



    A line following robot designed for competing in the Trailblazer event of Pragyan, the international level technical symposium organized by NIT, Trichy. This bot tracks a white line on a black background. It could tackle bends, 135 degree turns, lateral displacements, inclined planes, track inversions and discontinuities. Apart from these aspects the algorithm had a speed control module, which increases the speed of the robot in linear portions of the track.


    Photo Tachometer (My maiden project)

    A cost efficient tachometer, designed to measure the rotations per minute (rpm) of a motor. The project won 2nd prize at Resonance’07, an intra-college technical symposium, conducted by the Dept of Electronics and Communication, CEG, Anna University.


    Visitor Counter

    A bidirectional visitor counter capable of giving the count of visitors currently present inside the room/hall. When the device is placed at the door at a suitable height so that each entering/leaving user interrupts an IR beam. The project was implement using simple digital circuits and a 7-segment display.


    Digital Clock

    Rajaganesh, Shreenaath, Nazreen and myself made a digital clock to present it as a birthday gift to our friend Jayasree on her 19th birthday. :)