Welcome to Nara SGG Club !

A volunteer group to assist international visitors to Nara

 at Nara Park

Introduction to our Activities

The following are the key activities of Nara SGG Club.
We are very happy to help you. 

1.  Providing information to international visitors and tourists at Tourist Information Centers

Must-see spots, transportation, accommodations, shopping, and off the beaten track… Various information that will make your trip in Nara easier is available here. We look forward to seeing you!

    Nara City Tourist Center "NARANICLE"
       23-4 Kamisanjo-cho, Nara City 630-8228

Hours : 9:00 - 19:00

WiFi : Available for free

Tel/Fax : 0742-22-5595

Closed on the year-end & New-year holidays


    Nara City Tourist Information Center
 (by JR Nara Station)

1082 Sanjo-honmachi, Nara City 630-8122 

Hours : 9:00 - 19:00

WiFi : Available for free

Tel: 0742-27-2223   Fax: 0742-27-2251 

 Closed on the year-end & New-year holidays

    Nara Pref. Tourist Information Center

16 Kasugano-cho, Nara City 630-8212

   Hours : 10:00 - 17:00

   WiFi : Available for free

      ATM Available

   Tel/Fax : 0742-27-2003

   Closed on the year-end & New-Year holidays                 (Dec.29 – Jan.3)

 Tourist Information Centers

                         View Tourist Information Centers  in a larger map

These Information Centers are conveniently located for visitors and tourists who come to Nara City by railroads.


2.  Guide & Interpreter Services

Guided sightseeing tours, assistance in setting up housing or other necessities for residents, support for attending international meetings and/or conferences, assistance for international exchange events, etc. 

3.  Translation

Publication of the English version of monthly Nara City Information, translation requested by prefectural, municipal and local authorities as well as nonprofit organizations in Nara Prefecture 

4. Club Activities  (in Japanese)

Committees for orientation, gazettes, data, seminars, PR, etc.