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                    Top 7 Tips to Protect Your Computer from Virus, Spyware,

                    Adware and Malware. 

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              Bandwidth Meter  Free Download   Download Instructions

              Most of us use an internet connection with a download/upload limit. Normally it will be 1 GB or above. Once we cross 

           this limit, we should pay extra.  Bandwidth meter automatically calculates the usage for a particular session (Between 

           boot and shutdown), usage for the particular day and monthly statistics. It does not depend on ISP servers to 

           calculate the usage details. It has an independent protocol to calculate the usage. Due to this, we can calculate the

           usage on a real time basis. ie, it shows our usage as and when we use it. It can show the usage even when ISP

           sites are down. 



  •  Automatically calculates the usage.
  •  Session (of computer), daily and monthly statistics.
  •  Option to exclude bandwidth during certain period of day.
  •  Simple & Quiet.

         Even if you use an unlimited connection, Bandwidth meter helps you identify any unusual  usage. When you 

       computer is infected with a virus or spyware, the usage will go exponential. The virus will either download a lot 

       of files (dangerous infections) or upload your personal details.

       Bandwidth meter is a simple application. It will not affect your system performance. It rests in your system tray.

       Click the icon to find the statistics.

       The reading from Bandwidth meter may slightly vary from that of ISP. Please check the ISP usage portal at regular 

       intervals. Leaving a 50 MB gap will be a wise decision. As it is an independent application, it starts from the moment
       you install it. Therefore if you install it in the middle of a month, say 10th, at the end of the month the usage details

       will be for 20 days not for the whole month. 

       Safe & Free Download

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            Download Instructions


       Incredimail -  Forget Outlook 



        Outlook needs no introduction. Outlook used to be the no. 1 email client for decades. Like Yahoo sidelined hotmail, 

       Microsoft is loosing another monopoly. Incredimail is similar to Outlook, or Outlook is no match to Incredimail. 

       Incredimail allows you to do all that you can do with Outlook + A lot of colours, templates, emoticons, animations, 

       backgrounds. You can also make your email a sing a song. All with the same email account.

       To compare the visual effects is to compare Vista and Windows 98. As new templates are added, you can 

       download them from Incredimail website. 

       Safe & Free Download

               Click here

            Download Instructions