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Top 7 Tips to Protect Your Computer

 Top 7 Tips to Protect Your Computer

                                                      from Virus, Spyware, Adware & Malware.

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            Do you have a high-speed internet connection?                                                      
            Do you use it for more than 3 hours a day? 


        Then it is very likely that your system is infected. You may argue, but most of them work in stealth mode. 

         Like the one we set in a messenger. It can hide its presence from utilities.


         An advanced user can easily identify the symptoms. Since the speed and bandwidth has gone high, we may not notice 
         the  sluggishness. But if you feel that a page or a folder is taking a bit more than it should, follow these steps.



         1. Install a reliable Antivirus program

          When you select an antivirus, select the one which is popular. Everyday, new threats are identified. Reporting will be

          more efficient in popular softs. You can use AVG, Norton (Symantec) or McAfee .


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          2. Install a reliable AntiSpy, AntiAdware & AntiMalware

          Some antivirus softs have version supporting these facilities. AVG  8.5 accommodates database for Spyware,

          link scanner, resident shield & email scanner. You can also use a specific software. Malwarebytes - Anti-Malware 

        will be a wise choice.  


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          Click here to download the Latest version of Malwarebytes - Anti-Malware 


           3. Firewall

           Some spies can beat the fencing of antivirus program. They do this by creating exceptions. Left unnoticed, they will   

           download fatal programs causing loss of data in your system. 

           When you use a torrent application like utorrent, your IP is visible to the public. And hackers come under this defenition.

           We should have some method to block these unauthorized incoming connection and protect your computer from hackers.           


           A configurable firewall can block these channels. Windows provide a free firewall. This may not be effective. Try one 

           from Comodo,  Norton or AVG.


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               4. Standalone Application


           Hackers are well aware of the preventive steps taken by providers like Norton, McAfee, AVG and Kaspersky. Since 

           they are widely used, hackers design their programs to surpass the antivirus defense mechanism. We can overcome 

           these threats by using a standalone application. McAfee Stinger is among a few reliable names.

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           5. Registry Cleaner & Registry Backup


           A registry entry is essential for the working of software. A virus cannot have an exception. Use tools that make a 

           registry backup. A large number of registry cleaner tools are available. Assign registry scan at frequent intervals. 

           CCleaner and CA Yahoo antispy are pioneers are recommended. Scan with CA Yahoo antispy to prevent infected 

           registry. Both of them can be used in tandem as CA Yahoo antispy is very light. 


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           6. Default Browser


          Spies have found ways to overcome these precautions. Nowadays, they live as parasites. Instead of making a registry 

          entry, they are installed as plug ins in the default browser. When we click the browser, we actually start the spyware. 

          Anti-virus identifies this as a browser activity initiated by user and maintains silence.



          Do not use your default browser. Install a new browser. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari & Opera can give an effective 

          replacement. While installing, make sure that you uncheck the box showing “Make Firefox the default browser”.


          Useful tip

          Avoid using Internet Explorer. Most spyware plug ins are designed for IE.

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         Latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome

         Recommended reference : 10 reasons to use Google Chrome


         7. Precautions while browsing


         Never search for cracks and serials. Most of them are spywares.

         Do not click on smiley and flashy ads.

         Always avoid messages like “Free Virus Scan”.

         Do not click messages with “price winner” tags.

         Make sure you erase the private data before leaving the browser.

         Do not opt for “Remember Passwords”.