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               This is a humble effort to update you in two of the most sought out topics.                                                   


                    1.  Politics (Naradhavicharam)

         “I read 4 newspapers a day and a few news channels. Interestingly, I find different versions in each of them”.

            Does it sound like your words? May be it is time to filter what they give.  This section has nothing to do with news. 

          But it will give you facts.    

         Please do not forget to check the international section.


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         Recommended reference :   

         Top 7 Tips to Protect Your Computer from Virus, Spyware, Adware and Malware. 



    Do you know?

    New in Gmail  - " Undo Send " button. 

         Top 10 Tips for Safe Internet Banking

        Protect your password, account no., and other sensitive information from hackers and spyware.

        Extract quotes from pictures and scanned documents.

        Find out what's new in Google chrome.

        Access your home pc from office, ask support of someone you trust for dealing computer issues like virus and new 

       software installation.      

        And believe me, you will find a lot more in this section.


    Consult your Homoeopath


   From the day Samuel Hahnemann  saved London from the deadly plague, Homoeopathy has emerged as

   an effective alternative to conventional medicine. May it be bird flue, Dengue fever or Chikungunia; 

                             Homoeopaths have emerged as a useful hub.

        We offer free consultancy through this website.  You can also request an online session through Yahoo messenger, 

        Google messenger (Gtalk) or MSN messenger. 

        At present, we support English and Malayalam. Hindi & Tamil translators are available on specific request.

        All the best, get well soon.


 Useful links

 May be you are an experienced surfer or a beginner. Let me help you make a good choice. 

                                    A search engine can guide you but it is still inferior to human brain.


    Please feel free to ask questions