Viswanathan Ravi from Chennai (T.N) INDIA


From: Viswanathan Ravi <>
Date: Feb 24, 2007 7:07 PM
Subject: shri Ramchandraji Maharaj( laalaaji) system of meditation

Dear & respected shri Dinesh Kumar Saxenaji,

My humble & loving pranams to u sir. my name is viswanathan ravi  ,(50 yrs of age ).It's my pleasure and  priviledge to write to u and keep in constant touch with the great grand son of sri laalaaji maharaj ! if permitted .By the grace of my guru i had the oppurtunity to visit shri laalaaji maharaj's samadhi,and the residence ,in 1991/92. Am from chennai , practising this system for more than 17 yrs.   I had come on a official co's visit along with my other colleages to lucknow in 1991/92. Only their our tour programme for that region was formed  by my sales manager. By HIS grace i was given tour upto fategarh!! through kanpur . am very thankful to my  Master's for this divine blessing . My guru along with his wife had visited the same place earlier. and were specially blessed! at ur place ,especially in ur residence ,in that special room . but ,on my visit ,icould only meditate inside the house, as ur uncle had the key of the room!  Am very happy atleast i could be there. I don't remember whom i met there in the house. one gentleman even gave me a sitting .and i have a name notted inmy note ,(which i still retain) as mr vinay kumar,sri b.s saxena . and a elderly lady , who was very kind enough to allow  me to meditate  inside the house.and also was kind enough to give me food  .Am so thankful to  all of u. it's all still  very vivid in my memory!  Actually  i was looking  for ur address and  website for a long time ,to know all the informations regarding the system of meditation ,directly from your end ,so that i can be sure of the originality!  .Recently i had bought my computer, and by sheer luck ,i visited one of the sites of naqshbandhi sufi website .And from that , a blog site for the first time! which mentioned ur NaqshMumra website .It's very simple and nice .
   sir ,may i request u for more clear details on this system, so that i can understand and  share the same with like minded people.Every year we celebrate shri laalaaji/ babuji Maharaj's birthdays( especially basant panchami  with great  respect and dedication/devotion) for three days .and feel sad that it's coming to close after three days !!

I would  like to have english books /articles/ journals ,  giving informations  regarding  the origin  of  this  method,  all  Masters,  and  their samadhi's  etc.,  .Infact a week back  i had  mailed to ur  son  himanshu vikram , but so far  no message by  mail  nor by  phone from him ! I could get one book from the manappakkam ashram through a friend ,though i do not visit that place .

I would like to understand the exact methodology / the different special spiritual/psychic points revealed by our Master's. During my visit ,i was given some  of the Master's prayer's , and some tips regarding prayers ,to  Masters for fulfillment ! In this regard pl let me know any book that gives these details ,especially with english , along with the hindi/sanskrit prayers for correct pronounciation.

Hope am not disturbing u by this ,but then i have nobody with whom i can ask so frankly ! Am sure u will oblige me and much more!, as u are a direct desendent of shri laalaaji maharaj..PLease keep in touch with me sir .One of my wife's client/freind would be writting to u . I had requested him to visit our Masters samadhi's and be blessed . His name is Rohit Asthana ,from  Delhi .pl help him ,sir Eagerly awaiting  your  reply .                     
May i conclude for the present with my humble /loving pranams!
my address: V.Ravi,                                                               
2/484, lucky flats, flat no : 5,
Ags colony, 3rd main road, kottivakkam,
chennai-- 600 041 .
ph: 24484070  / 43593135
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To: Viswanathan Ravi <>,     
date        Mar 21, 2007 8:42 AM     
subject        Re: shri Ramchandraji Maharaj( laalaaji) system of meditation     

My dear brother

Thank you very much for calling me so affectionately on Saturday 24th February 2007. Fatehgarh, in Uttar Pradesh as you have seen, is a small town where the facilities like inter-net etc. are far from the feasibility.

It is evident from your mail dated 24.02.2007; you are practicing spirituality under the guidance of your guru. You should have full faith in him because you have accepted him as your Guid-preceptor. If your revered master is a saint of the lineage of Mahatma Ramchandra Ji(Laalaaji) Maharaj of Fatehgarh ( U.P), I am confident the path he has shown would be the same as led by his own Guru and so on. In case of doubt; you can ask for clarity from him and him alone.

Mahatma Ramchandra ji (Laalaaji) Maharaj had one son-Mahatma Jagmohan Narain who had two sons - Mahatma Akhilesh Kumar died on 15.05.1974 and Dinaysh Kuamr Saxena(this humble self). Mr Vinay Kumar referred to in your subject mail, is the elder son(my nephue) of Mahatma Akhilesh Kumar. I retired from railway service in 2002 and since then I am living in the portion of the house, it was said to have locked during the period of your visit to Fatehgarh in 1991-92. You, along  with your family and friends like Br. Rohit Asthana of Delhi, are always welcome to visit 'Laalaaji Nilayam again, as and when you get an opportunity, confirming my availability in Fatehgarh.

I have compiled a  book in Hindi named – 'TARIQAT' comprising the system of Parampujya Laalaaji Maharaj,  This is an effort made for the new entrants especially for those who are still in search of a Guru. Such books can obviously create confusions to the old abhyasies (Practitioners) like you. Let me conclude with a word to be in frequent touch and with a hope for a loving and memorable meeting.

Yours affectionately,
Dinaysh Kumar Saxena