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There has been a common anxiety of the intellectuals about the roots of “Sahaj Marg” (a spiritual-system propagated by Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Shahjahanpur), whether or not is an offshoot of Sufism, mainly because on the grounds of its declared “Aadiguru” (founder-spiritual-Master), Mahatma Ramchandra (Laalaaji) Maharaj of Fatehgarh (UP) was a saint-preceptor of Naqshbandiya-sufi-nisbat (esoteric-lineage).


Recently we have received a scanned-copy of a personal letter signed by the Founder President of ‘Shri Ram Chandra Mission’, Shahjahanpur (UP). The sender of this document is Shri S.R.D. Kudesia (Sampat Baabu) of Fatehgarh (UP). Shri Bhagwan Bharose Vaidya, the addressee of this letter was Sampat Baabu’s father and an adherent of Rev. Laalaaji Maharaj, right from his Govt. service-period in Fatehgarh-courts.


The concerned parties may use of the contents of the document, subjected here above.