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Dear Mr. Saxena,

It was a pleaure to speak with you briefly this evening and I thank you for your time and considreation.

As I mentioned to you by God's Good Grace I have been studying sufism since 1970. This originally was through a branch of the Chisti tariqat and then later through the Mevlevi tariqat.

I happend upon Rajendra Gupta's three books ordered them from India and then spoke with him at which time he gave me your phone number as one of the living master's who works with the Hriday Chakra. I am very much interested in the meditation work on this chakra.

That is about all for now I look forard to your response.


Dr. Andrew Mezurecky
Clinical psychologist
California, USA 


Dear and respected Brother!


Thank you once again for calling me on phone, on Thursday dated 08-02-2007. So for as I could understand your anxiety; it relates to the practice you are doing for the last several years and the resultant fruit, according to you, is not obvious.


See! Syaykh Ahmad, the Mujaddid of the 11th century has, according to the progress of a disciple in the upward (vertical) mystique course, seen different colors at different stages. He, a Naqshbandi mystic, is the discoverer of Six positions (chakkras or Latayaf) in the different parts of human body between the neck and the navel which he has called the six subtleties (“Latayaf-i-Sitta”), one encircling the other, much after the manner of kundalini of Patanjali. These subtleties are given below-


  • Qualb- Located below the left-nipple where the sound of heart- throb is  heard;  fleeting vision is yellow.
  • Soul- Located below the right nipple; fleeting vision is red.
  • Serr- Located slightly above the qulb, but up-side the left nipple; fleeting vision is white.
  • Khafi- Located slightly above the soul, but up-side the right nipple; fleeting vision is black.
  • A-khafi-Located in the middle, up- side ‘serr’ and ‘khafi’, i.e, vertically straight- above the navel, at the place of hiccough; fleeting vision is green.
  • Nafs- Located near the navel-point; fleeting vision is blue.


The description given here above at Sl. No. 01 to 05 is in accordance with the theology of H.H.Mahatma Ramchandra  ji (Laalaaji) Maharaj. The 06th one is “Nafs”. It has four-folded faculties, i.e. retentive faculty, imagination, thinking faculty and the fancy. The centripetal force that keeps all these together, and the common ground of their meeting, is Common sense; this is the analysis of the mind according to the old Psychology; it need not be discussed here in the light of modern researches.


The Latayaf (Subtleties) are only under stood and cannot be expressed in words. Those who exercise the NaqshMuMRa- esotericism should clear their concepts in respect of the term-“Qualb” (The heart), before they start. The ‘Qualb’ is not the lump of flesh, located near the left nipple. It is infect the border land between “Ruh” (Soul) and the “Nafs’(ego or existence); it is so called because it turns and directs itself to the “ism” (sin) that presents it self before it, or because it takes an inverted image of the world. The retina of the eye takes an inverted image of things, by the laws of refraction of light in the crystalline lens; but actually we see things upright; for Qualb has again inverted an upturned image, and made it upright. It is compounded of the subtle soul and the gross body; and has thus established connection between the two. It receives impressions from the external world through the five external senses (viz. Eyes, Ears, Tong, Nose and Touch) and then from the internal world through the five internal senses (viz. Thought, Instinct, Memory, Reasoning and Fancy). When one perceives an object, and impression is carries to the brain, one or more of the five senses contributing their quota through their   respective channels. The commonsense, one of the five internal senses, then adjusts these impressions and forms the required image; and these images are carries to the soul through one of the other four internal faculties, viz, Imagination, Thinking, Instinct, Retentiveness. An adept does not see an object, as an object; he sees it as the manifestation of God’s attributes and names; and so the impression that his qualb, which is the mystical commonsense, carries to the soul is the manifestation of divinity without. Qualb is really the photographic plate that takes on the picture of God’s manifestations, and not merely of the outer shell of materiality, through the x-ray of the five internal faculties, so to speak.


There are three aspects of this ‘Qualb’; one is “Qualb-i-Munib,” from which good Khatarat (whatever dawns on the mind from the unseen) manifest them selves, and another is “Qualb-e-Salim” which displays love of God and fondness for ‘irfan’ (Self-realization) and the third is “Qualb-i-shahid” which discerns the presence of God in every object.


Therefore, the adept path-finder and spiritual Guide, H.H. Mahatma Ramchandra Ji (Laalaaji Maharaj) suggests-

  • “Engage yourself in practice of listening to every heart-beat, super imposing therewith the nomenclature of the lord.” In fact, the “Muraquaba” literally means to keep under sight. This is to free the Qualb from the dangers of duality: to make the physical ears and cardiac-ears on one and the same plane. For the beginners repetition of Lord’s name is sufficient; it should be done silently, under the state, in which the disciple forgets the words and thinks only of  the named. In the later stage disciple disappears by himself and fancies the spiritual-Master to be in his form.
  • “Keep your heart pure, away from the corrupting influences of undesirable things and undesirable company.”
  • “Always keep attuned to the Lord, your attention should never for a moment deviating there from.”
  • “Concentrate your attention on the heart and keep your heart centered in the Lord”.
  • “Endeavor to attain kin ship and attachment to the Eternal truth, the Lord of universe.
  • Gradually erase the identity of self, try to merge in, and attain one ness with God.”
  • “Sacrifice life in the grand endeavor.”


This alone is the easiest and most certain short-cut to attain eternal bliss. Dear brother, this is the hierarchy of NaqshMuMRa Faith. Please read it several times and meditate on it. You are welcome to visit my site: http:laalaajinilayam.googlepages.com/home.


With my Master’s love for whole of your family.


Yours affectionately

Dinesh Kumar Saxena


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Subject: latayaf
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Dear brother Saxsena,

I very much appreciate your last email. It contained wonderful adab, knowledge and love for humanity all charcteristics of true sufism.

Since I started my exposure to the NaqshMumRA anumber of months ago I have hsd a quiet "at home feeling" with your group. This stared by studying the website that Rajendra Gupta' has on the internet, then his three books on this silsila which gave me a feeling of closeness to the master's past and present. Then telephone conversations with him which led to you.

There has been many experiences on this sufi road for the past 36 years but not conscious intentional work on the latayaf as outlined in your group. If it be GOD'S WILL I would like to pursue that work [ latayaf] with you.

My warmesr regards to you and your family.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Andrew Mezurecky
Clinical psychologist
California, USA