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I want to introduce myself my full name is Dervish Chirag Gohil. My Father’s name is Kishore Gohil and my mothers name is Nayna Gohil. I'm studying at Higher Education College at New Ham College which usually takes me nearly 45minutes to reach by Bus and I'm from a high religious family. I have studied myself the Bhagavat Gita, Qu'ran and also some parts

Of the Vedas and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus Christ and Hazrat Prophet Mohammad and the Puranas but my favorites two are the Bhagavat Gita and the Upanishads and as for Sufism I have countless Poetry of Sufis Which I have collected for example Rumi, Hafiz, Attar etc.

I had phoned you on Thursday to give my regards to you and about your and It's very nice and Informative about the Naqshbandiya Mujaddadiaiaya Mazahariya Ramchandriya I like the design It suites the NaqshMuMRa. I wanted to see the Golden chain of the Sufi Order. Is it possible if you could list down for me the saints of the Shijra?

I like all the saints because they were true human beings.

It may also shock you that also my parents have never visited India because they come from Africa and since they came from Africa to England they have never traveled to any country. If I could come to India I would definitely come but as I have never been to India also I have financial problems and as I'm a college student aged 20 It can be very difficult just like my friends to even travel the whole of England as well as I'm the only child of the family. My father has just turned 58 and my mother will turn 49 very soon.

I wanted to ask as I know that Mahatma Raghubar Dayal Ji was the younger brother of Mahatma Ram Chandraji so was Mahatma Radha Mohan Lal Ji the son of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal Ji?


chirag gohil  


Bangalore, India; Thursday dated December 28, 2006

My dear brother!

I could read your mail today only. I have three children and the youngest one is six years elder than you, I mean, you can feel free while interaction with me, as you do with your own father. Do not worry for the physical distance. Try to see through your cardiac-eye and you will find me not far from you. See! The physical-distance does not come in the way of ‘esoteric transmission’ of NaqshMuMRa mystique.

As desired by you, I am appending below the “Golden Chain” (shijrah-sharif) of NaqshMuMRa lineage. Yes, Mahatma Raghubar Dayal (Shri Chachcha Ji) Maharaj of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) was the real younger brother of H H Mahatma Shri Ramchandra (Laalaaji Maharaj) of Fatehgarh (Uttar Pradesh). They both, worked for the uplift and the integration of humanity, at the same domain of spirituality. H H Mahatma Ramchandra Ji Maharaj had only one son- Mahatma Jagmohan Narain (1901-1944) and Mahatma Raghubar Dayal had three sons- (1) Mahatma Brijmohan Lal, (2) Mahatma Radha Mohan Lal and (3) Mahatma Jyotendra Mohan Lal. Soon after the physical demise of Mahatma Ramchandra Ji Maharaj on August 14, 1931, all the sons of Mahatma Raghubar Dayal Ji and all the disciples of Rev. Laalaaji Maharaj established their separate-seats at their own places, away from Fatehgarh.

The Golden Chain (Shijra) of Naqshbandiya Mujaddadia Mazahariya Ramchandriya lineage:--

1. Prophet Huzoor Muhammad-ur-Rasoolullah s.a. (d. 12 Rabbiyul Awwal 11AH) -Medina

2. Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddique r.a. (d. 22 Jama'dil A'lhar 13AH) - Medina

3. Hadhrat Salman al-faris r.a. (d. 10 Rajjab 35AH) - Madain

4. Hadhrat Imaam Qasim bin Muhammad bin Abu Bakr r.a. (d. 24 Jama'dil ( Awwal/A'khar) 107AH) - Medina

5. Hadhrat Imaam Ja'far al-Sadiq r.a. (d. 15 Rajjab Murajjab 148AH) - Medina

6. Hadhrat Bayazid Bastami r.a. (d. 14/17 Sha'ba'n 261AH) - Bastam

7. Hadhrat Abul Hassan Khurqaani r.a. (d. 15 Ramda'n 425AH) – Khurqan

8. Hadhrat khwaja Abul Quqsim Ghurghani r.a.

9. Hadhrat Abu Ali Farmadi r.a. (d. 4 Rabbiyul Awwal 477AH) - Mashad

10. Hadhrat Yusuf Hamdani r.a. (d. 27 Rajjab 535AH) - Turkistan

11. Hadhrat Abdul Khaliq Gajadwani r.a. (d. 12 Rabbiyul Awwal 575AH) - Bukhara

12. Hadhrat Muhammad Arif Riogri r.a. (d. 1 Shawwa'l 615AH) - Tajikistan

13. Hadhrat Mehmood Injir Faghnavi r.a. (d. 17 Rabbiyul Awwal 715AH) - Bukhara

14. Hadhrat Azizane Ali Raamitni r.a. (d. 718/721AH) - Bukhara

15. Hadhrat Muhammad Baba Samasi r.a. (d. 755AH) - Bukhara

16. Hadhrat Sayyed Amir Kulaal r.a. (d. 772AH) - Bukhara

17. Hadhrat Kwajah Bahauddin Naqshband r.a. (d. 2 Rajab al-Murajjab, 791AH) - Qasr-e-Aarifan (Bukhara)

18. Hadhrat Alaa'uddin Attaar r.a. (d. 20 Rajab 802AH) - Jafaaniyan (Mawralnahar)

19. Hadhrat Ya'qoob Charkhi r.a. (d. 5 Safar, 851AH) - Charkh (Bukhara)

20. Hadhrat Ubeydullah Ahraar r.a. (d. 20/29 Rabi al-Awwal, 895AH) - Samarqand (Mawralnahar)

21. Hadhrat Muhammad Zaahid r.a. (d. 1 Rabi al-Awwal, 936AH) - Wakhsh (Malk Hasaar)

22. Hadhrat Darwesh Muhammad r.a. (d. 19 Muharram, 970AH) - Samarqand (Mawralnahar)

23. Hadhrat Muhammad Waaqif Akangi r.a. (d. 21/22 Sha'baan, 1008AH) - Akang (Bukhara)

24. Hadhrat Khwaja Baaqi Billaah r.a. (d. 25 Jumaad al-Aakhar, 1012AH) - Delhi (India)

25. Huzoor Imam Rabbani, Mujaddid Alf Thani, Hadhrat Shaykh Ahmad Farooqui Sarhandi r.a. (d. 28 Safar, 1034AH) - Sarhand (India)

26. Hadhrat Muhammad Ma'soom Farooqui r.a. (d. 9 Rabi al-Awwal, 1079AH) - Sarhand (India)

27. Hadhrat Sayfuddeen Bin Ma'soom Farooqui r.a. (d. 19 Jumad al-Oola, 10951096AH) - Sarhand (India)

28. Hadhrat Noor Muhammad Badyooni r.a. (d. 11 Dhul Qa'dah, 1135AH) - Dehli (India)

29. Hadhrat Mirza Mazhar Jaan-I-Jaanan r.a. (d. 10 Muharram, 1195AH) - Khanqah Mazharia Dehli(India)

30. Hadhrat Abdullah Shah Naimullah r.a. (d. 22 Safar, 1240AH) - Behraich U.P.(India)

31. Hadhrat Mawla'na Muradullah r.a. (d. Dhul Qa'dah, 1248AH) - Lakhnow U.P.(India)

32. Hadhrat Sayyed Abul Hasan Sa'eed r.a. (d. Sha'ba'n, 1272) - Rai Bareli U.P.(India)

33. Hadhrat Mawla’na Khalifa Ahemad Ali Khan r.a. left on 04.11.1904(AD) Kaimganj, Distt. Farrukhabad (Uttar Pradesh)

34. Hadhrat Mawla’na Shaah Fazl Ahemad Khan r.a. (1857-1907 A D) Qusba- Raipur Distt. Farrukhabad (Uttar Pradesh)

35. Hadhrat Mawla’na Abdul Ghani Khan r,a,(1867-1952 AD) Qusba- Bhogaon, Distt. Mainpuri (Uttar Pradesh)

36. Samarthguru Mahatma Ramchandra (Laalaaji) Ji Maharaj (1873-1931 AD) r.a. Fatehgarh (Uttar Pradesh) India

37. Samarthguru Mahatma Raghubar Dayal (Chachchaji) Ji Maharaj (1875-1947 AD) r.a. Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh India

38. Samarthguru Mahatma Jagmohan Narain Ji Saaheb (1901-1944 AD) r.a. Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India

39. Samarthguru Mahatma Akhilesh Kumar Ji (1941-1974 AD) r.a. Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh,India

40. Samarthguru Mahatma Dinesh Kumar Saxena, ‘daamat barquatahu’ born on October 28,1944, the present Dean of the seat.

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Affectionately Yours,
Dinesh Kumar Saxena
"Laalaaji Nilayam"
45, Mahatma Shri Ram Chandra Marg,
Talaiya Lane, FATEHGARH,
(U.P) 209 601 INDIA

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Thank you so much for your really kind message and the information on NaqshMuMRa It's really helpful and means a lot especially to me. What a pity that God's message which came in various different forms in Hinduism, Christianity, Islam etc to unite people rather people miss-understood the message and fought wars and divided people. I have an affection love for Sri Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ and Hazrat prophet Mohammad etc. I once saw a group of dervishes in my dream and im my heart love was sprung up and I also felt as If I’m next to Jelalauddin Rumi.

I'm very careful to who I talk to about esotericis but I fully have trust and no dounts could ever come into my mind about you. I have a dream to tell you about.

Very long time ago at least nearly a year ago I felt really sorry for how not only Mullahs that teach Islam to Muslims but also Islam followers hardly understand much about the life of Prophet Mohammad and I did a prayer invoking all the saints that brang a religious message from God and the same night in a dream I found my self right inside Mecca Madina and I felt as if Prophet Mohammad is there He appeared in a flash of light and I was enlightened and received esoteric transmission in a very emotional state of fear and it removed all the impurities in me and then love for the God and my heart was filled with so such powerful Ruhanniya and I felt a exisless state of total merging into the divine source and It was so powerful that i totally forget myself, though I belong to the Hindu faith Hazrat Prophet Mohammad did not even have a single problem for giving me the moment of enlightment . Hazrat Prophet Mohammad words, smile and his presence of him a true dervish was making me cry but a strong power did not allow it.  just through his emotional way of smiling was enough my heart could only keep on feeling love. In mecca i did not see millions of people but I only saw 1000 companions of him and he commented there your protection. I felt as if i received many initiations from him in my dream from being really gross and evil to the divine presence I went through each stage from bad to holy and when he flashed and disappeared I saw nothing but only self-realisation of merginig into God as one.

I know that It was a dream and maybe God-forgive me if I wrote anything that which did not happen. I know It was a dream but maybe you could know more of what this is about.

I requested a dream meeting with prophet Mohammad but instead I received the blessing to give and serve this humanity all that it deserves with no consideration of any outer distinction of race, religion etc even atheists and he blessed me with spreading my words to people that will benefit from me but most people only judge me by my appearance. It's a pity I always fall in love with saints, dervishes and so many Sufis but I hardly get to meet them because I live in the U.K. I have also seen most people get turned away from me maybe because God is testing me or something but I see by judging people by appearance is not a good thing. Oh well people that live in Darkness usually always live in darkness and never notice what the other person can offer.

Take care


chirag gohil


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Subject: RE: Inpatient to surrender!
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 20:00:42 +0000

Hello Mahatma,
I have been willing to wait for surrendering to a spiritual master. Not a day goes by without thinking to love someone forever and who can you love more then a spiritual master.
Loving your family and girls is only temporary it does not stay forever to test the love i could do a nasty action and the love wouldnt be as strong as before cause its a limited type of love. But those who tread the spiritual path love everyone including enemies which only spiritual people do. I believe true love as the Sufis say is with a spiritual master because illusion and dualities dissapear jst as the Srimad Bhagavatm says clearly that God lives in the hearts of all. It did not say only humans but including animals and stones and every single atom thats why the scriptures say God is in all. also the Quran says God is all pervading. Idol worship became a vain practice in pre-islamic arabia times but Hazrat Prophet Mohammad instead said you cannot restrict God to one form of worship but turning many gods to one God you now have all the forms of worship in one worship. The Quran even says how enlightning to see manys Gods as one God. Thats why many sufis worshiped God in many forms because even behind Idol worship there is God but even though in the Vedanta theres a vast amount of knowledge given, no wonder why Sufi dervishes such as Mirza  Zanazana lived like a Rishi Muni because Rishi Munis and dervishes had same lifestyle totally surrendering to God and also prasing the Vedas as divine creation.
I have myself seen muslims holding onto a wall or some sort of object in a mosque and praying to God because its human ways of odoring the almighty in all its manisfestations which only Sufis understand. I see all faiths as my faith because i see the one truth in many forms of religions.
Al Hallaj was prosecuted in Iraq on the cross by the miss-understood muslims for saying im alpha and omega jst like Jesus Christ when he said that when you see Allah you see me and when you see me you see Allah and he was laughing when he was getting prosecuted and he said o beloved you cannot fool me i know your behind all these prosecutors you cannot fool me but im so happy you are calling me to you earlier then my physical death and he even thanked and loved the prosecutors.
Take care
your's sincerely
Dervish Chirag Gohil

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Subject: RE: Ego
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Hi Mahatma,
I have a few problems especially my ego well my ego is to do with Love. Because I want to love someone forever right upto to eternity and beyond I have ego of loving someone a lot.
I am now in a bondage of music because it sparks up me ego to love someone dearly and it does help me in my morality. As through music my morality changed from bad to good and approaching people with a clean heart and willing to help them and also trying me best to help people as much as i can to be there thick and thin even slanderers get helped but the bondage of music is over love which i cannot escape because it brings me back to the spot of improving my ego to love more.
But i was reading about Sufism today that the eternal music Anahat Nad can only be heared by the help of a spiritual master.
So Now I also believe that Wherever you are it does not interfere with spiritual transmission in NaqshMumbra but how is the initiation process held for foreign people outside of India like me.

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Subject: The Path of Sufism (tassauf)
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 21:03:05 +0000

Discovery and Journey of Sufism (Tassauf)

Sufism which is the path of purity it is hidden deep within our souls in every human and its original traditional name is Tassauf. It was called Sufism since the time of Hazrat Prophet Mohammad. The Prophet created a sect called Knights of purity and according to the hadith a guy called Sufyan was a disciple of the Prophet.
The Prophet had only transmitted his esoteric spiritual knowledge to only a few 2 or 3 disciples and while Islam was introduced to arabia it was because the roman influenced Pagans were carrying out sinful acts such as human sacrifices and bloodshed of women and this roman influence was spread out all over Arabia but the religion of Islam actually came to Arabia as a security and removed the Roman influenced Paganism.
I will discuss how Sufism is the essence of all the religions because somebody may call one a heathen, Kufur or a un-touchable but to the Sufis these are just different roads to the destination. As the traditions of the Prophet called The Hadith in reality there are 500,000 different kinds of Hadiths so the original authentic Hadith is only kept by some Sufis.
A Naqshbandi Sufi from Cyprus once said that the almighty does not care which religion you follow but only wants you to have a clean heart and only through spirituality you can acquire that.
I was also very fortunate to receive knowledge from few sufis belonging to the Chishtia branch. A turkish Sufi master of the Naqshbandiya Sheikh Nazim Effendi once said the religion of love transcends all religions as this was also contained in the beautiful poetry of Rumi.
A great Sufi saint named Hazrat Inayat Khan who was a successor of Abu Hashim Mohammad Madani who himself was a direct descendant of the Prophet. Hazrat Inayat Khan was born in Baroda India. Who was a true followers of Islam and the Sharia had a dream where he saw all the Prophets from all religions together doing Zikr. A voice cried to his ear Allah-Ho-Akbar. Hazrat Inayat Khan was also a brahmin at age of 9 and brahmins called him Vinayak as he played the Vina. No brahmin has studied the Vedanta with more interest then him also he was admired by Brahmins all over India. He in 1910 came to the west as he was told by his murshid and blessed by a Rishi Muni to spread the wisdom of Sufism. As he was trained in all four Sufi lineages in India the Naqshbandi, Chishti, Qadiri and Suhawardi. The Sufi order was named Sufi Order International and its primary lineage was from the Chishtia as his own murshid primary order was the Chishtia. He had initiated people from all faiths and was like a scholar for each religion. So anybody from any religion received scholarship in their own faith from this saint while the were on the path of Sufism. Each person did prayers in the fashion of the religion they belonged to and followed Sufism. This Sufi order is a branch of the Chishtia and there are all over the west. They have special names given to the guides but instead of changing religion they instead embrace all the religions as one single faith but they still follow the primary born religion as the main faith. This idea actually came from Akbar the great who was a Muslim primarily but followed the best bits from all other religions. But such Sufis such as Sheikh Nizamuddin is also known for this as they incorporated Hindu way of worship in the Chishtia Nizamiyya Branch.
There is a story when a Christian women came and asked Hazrat Inayat Khan are you a christian and he said yes I'm both catholic and a protestant so she said go and please take Christianity to the west and he replied did you know because of the blessing of Jesus Christ in the east where his born that the east is poor in material wise but rich in spirituality whilst the west is rich in materiality and poor in spirituality and she immediately was enlightened to go above religion and embrace tolerance.
He said i do ceremonies and charity like a catholic and no ceremonies also like a protestant. In his sufi teachings he said all religions are his religions because he has traced the one and the same truth in all the religious traditions.  He said there is not a God, Spiritual teacher or a religion which he does not believe in.
He said call a sufi Christian, Jew, Muslim or Hindu etc and he is all of them. a Sufi is one with all and all with one. Because he said the Sufis see all religions have different forms of expressing the same truth. So sufis also accept all holy books. he said all prophets look diffirent but the soul is one and that the truth is one as God is one so the religion is one also call it Hinduism as he called the mother of all religions, Islam , Christianty or any religion its all the same. Diffirent kinds of worship are also worshipping the same God some through many Gods and some through one he said it's also the same and that the Sufis see the whole manifestation of God in all as Rumi also said God is all in all and all is in God as he also said the theory of Taw hid and Vedanta are the same.
Few earlier Sufis and latter Sufis have mentioned Sufism it has no life simply its eternal and hidden deep within our souls, Sufism is the essence of all the religions and philosophies.
Certain people are born in the west with a high interest in the philosophy of the east. They live in the west and live the western style lifestyle but the thoughts and the philosophy is eastern for these people traditional sufi orders are required rather then a more modern sufi order.
The Naqshbandis are loving from the heart. No single human can compare love of a normal human to a saint.
As it says in the eleven principles and rules of the Naqshbandiya which the first eight were coined by 'Abd ul-Khaliq Ghujduwani and where embraced by all the forty tariqats and the final three by Shah Bahauddin Naqshband and one of them is to be with the world outwardly and do everything but be with the God inwardly so by Allah's will and through the grace of the Pir-O-Murshid each and every cell and breath of your body becomes like a prayer that in turn your whole manifestation may became the manifestation of peace and love and become a shining light to all.
This is all i have today for all my Sufi brothers and sisters all around the world and i say Iskh Allah Mabub Allah that i may continue my inspiritation which ever turn a prayer takes place Thats my religion the religion of love.
Sometimes just thinking about the spiritual masters creates a burning fire of love in my heart that i become intoxicated in the love of God.
Yours heartly,    
Dervish Chiraggiya Gohil.