QDDP Qualifications

Federal Term Changed from QMRP to QIDP

The federal term QMRP (Qualified Mental Retardation Professional) has changed to QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional).  Rosa's Law changed all references to "mental retardation" to "intellectual disability." The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have implemented the nomenclature change. For more information, please visit the CMS website www.cms.gov or view the memo below.

CMS Memo

What qualifications are required to become a QDDP/QIDP?

In talking to people from across the country we find that generally, it is a Bachelor’s degree in a human service related field and at least one year of experience working directly with individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The qualifications are subject to state by state interpretation and come from the Federal ICF/IID regulations.

Federal Guidelines

How do I become a QDDP/QIDP?

Since terminology, qualifications, and training requirements can vary from state to state, it is advisable to contact your state department/division that handles matters of human resources for more information about state specific requirements.