Thursday Breakout Sessions

 Presenter     Session Title
 Marsha Threlkeld Name That App
 Catherine Hayes and Mark Wiesel Updated ICF/IID Guidelines - Changing Expectations for the QIDP
 Timothy Williams Change the Way You Talk - Change the Way You Feel:  Reflections on the Role of Language in Personal and Client Well-Being
 Susan Dlouhy and Patty Mitchell The Creative Abundance Model
 Deb Koop Got Health?  Employee Wellness Ideas that Work
 Mary Mercer and Evan Borisinkoff Stakeholder Input in the Redesign & Reconceptualization of an Undergraduate Degree Program in Human Services
 Richard Sichelski Therapy Through Music
 Amy Tabor Human Rights Committees:  Increased Complexities, Increased Opportunities
 Annabelle Winters Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First
 Calandra Barlow and Lori Howard Relax, Relate, Retreat:  Rejuvenate Your Management Team
 Michelle Hula Improving Your Organization's Vital Signs - Creating a Strong and Healthy Organization
 Michael Holihan The Top Six Myths Regarding Software for Human Service Agencies
 Richard Sichelski Self Empowerment Techniques to Prevent Bullying
 David Lennox Beyond Common Concerns:  Strategies for Less Common but Important Behavioral concerns
 Sylvia Dawkins and Miranda Bess Real Life is Freedom
 Tony DiVittorio     Keeping Your Balance on the Tightrope of Life
 Nicole Melquist The Self-Directed ISP:  Empowering Individuals with ID/DD to Participate More Fully in Adult Services
Garrett McCann Polypharmacy & the Use of Antipsychotic Medications:  But I'm Not a Psychiatrist...I'm Just a QIDP
 Susan Gunderson Balancing Your Emotions Through Relaxation and Exercise
 Tracy Dudek and Amy Kerulis Digging Through Manure
 Timothy Baker, Amie Burke and Anna Vvanti If Only I Would Have Trained...
 Erin Mayberry and David Lennox Promoting Weight Management in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities:  A Behavioral Approach
 Shana LIttle Utilizing Basic Behavior Analytic Procedures to Motivate People to Live Healthier Lives
 Elizabeth Goldman     GOALS:  Writing Meaningful Programs to Produce Meaningful Outcomes
 Bob Sandidge and Anne Ward Compassionate Communication