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Nissi Beach!

That's life - Ayia Napa
Nissi beach after a good night out is the place to go. This sandy beach is enormous & you can either relax on the sand or else do something more adventourous. Windsurfing,jet biking,bungy jumping etc. Music is blaring from the various bars on the beach so if u want to have a nap,better stay by the hotel pool.

 Waterworld Waterpark

Medusa Slide - Ayia Napa
An excellent water park. Entry is expensive (around £10CYP) but you really can spend the whole day there. Many of the rides have a minimum height restriction but there is also plenty to keep children occupied too. My personal favourites include: River Odyessy the Drop to Atlantis (you need three people for this) the Fall of Icarus (you need two people for this) Take some high factor waterproof cream (at least factor 12) when you go ... and make sure you're not suffering the after effects of the night before othrwise you'll spend the first hour or so trying to get some energy to go on the more adventurous rides. Although you are not supposed to take food in with you, I would try and take as much as you can in your bag. The food inside is very poor quality.

Ayia Napa Harbour

What's A Beach Without A Donkey? - Ayia Napa
The original fishing harbour was the main area of what was once a small fishing village. There are several nice restaurants around the harbour specialising in sea food. Liminaki Beach is to the left of the harbour and is well worth spending a few hours on. The quality of the sea is good though you can often find some seaweed floating.
500 metres away from the apartment

Ayia Napa Monastery

Ayia Napa Things To Do
This was part of the original town before the tourists arrived. The original monastery buildings date from around the 1500s although they have recently undergone some renovation. There is a legend behind the origins of the Monastery. It is said that a hunter followed a barking dog into a cave in the forest. He found an illuminated icon of the Virgin Mary. Of course, the story of this discovery soon spread amongst the people. A young jilted Venetian noble woman came to hear of the place where pilgrims built a chapel. The young woman decided to retreat there and built a monastery, an olive press and a mill. As she was Catholic she also had a second chapel built. The cloister is still a peaceful spot in the middle of the nightlife and activity of what was a former fishing village. 
300 metres away from the apartment

 The Bungee Rocket in Ayia Napa

In A Spin - Ayia Napa
A superb ride firing you up into the air at a terrific speed with a force of 4G and to a height of about 150 feet. You end up spinning high above Ayia Napa. It's worth buying the video to see the look on your faces and so that it is not on general display for others to see!!! From the top you get some excellent views of the resort. You can see for miles if you try it in daylight.
  • Address: Nissi Avenue
  • Phone: 99 605248
  • Directions: Near to MacDonalds at the harbour end of Nissi     Avenue

    Oppisite the apartment (around 300 metres away)

    Landa Beach

     land beach - Ayia Napa

    Nearby Nissi beach, it is a medium size beach, the ideal place for a relatively quiet day tanning. Mainly is visited by couples and families.