My research focuses on conservation biology and fisheries management motivated by the need to understand interplay between ecological and socioeconomic dynamics. Using theoretical approaches, I try to understand how stakeholders' decision making affects management outcomes. My current research interests include understanding the effect of marine protected areas, spatial unit scale of management, and ecosystem-based management.

Professional Experience

2017 Apr -  Present          JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit, Okinawa Institute
                                         of Science and Technology Graduate School

2015 Mar - 2017 Mar       Postdoctoral Researcher, Tropical Biosphere Research Center, University of the

2012 Apr - 2015 Mar
         JSPS Research Fellow (DC1)


2012 Apr - 2015 Mar        Ph.D., Theoretical Ecology at Kyushu University, Japan (Adviser: Yoh Iwasa)
2010 Apr - 2012 Mar        M.S.
, Theoretical Ecology at Kyushu University, Japan (Adviser: Yoh Iwasa)
2006 Apr - 2010 Mar        B.S., Rissho University, Japan (Adviser: Michinori Yamashita)

Visiting Appointments

2015 Mar - 2017 Mar        Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre of Excellence for Environmental
                                         Decisions, The University of Queensland
, Australia

2014 Sep - 2014 Oct        Visiting Student,
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science                                                             (Cefas), UK, Advisor: Dr. Axel G. Rossberg
2013 Oct - 2014 Aug        Visiting Student, University of California, Davis, USA
Advisor: Prof. Marissa L. Baskett
2009 Apr - 2010 Mar        Visiting Student Yokohama National Univesity, Japan
Advisor: Prof. Hiroyuki Matsuda


Peer-reviewed Articles
  1. Takashina, N., B. Kusumoto, M. Beger, S. Rathnayake & H.P. Possingham, Spatially explicit approach to population abundance estimation in field surveys, Journal of Theoretical Biology, 453:88-95 (2018), [PDF]
  2. Braczkowski, A., M.H. Holden, C. O'Bryan, C.Y. Choi, X. Gan, N. Beesley, Y. Gao, J. Allan, P. Tyrrell, D. Stiles, P. Brehony, R. Meney, H. Brink, N. Takashina, M.C. Lin, H.Y. Lin, N. Rust, S.G. Salmo III, J.E.M. Watson, P. Kahumbu, M. Maron, H.P. Possingham & D. Biggs, Reach and messages of the world's largest ivory burn. Conservation Biology, (2018)  (Abstract)
  3. Takashina, N., M. Beger, B. Kusumoto, S. Rathnayake & H.P. Possingham, A theory for ecological survey methods to map individual distributions, Theoretical Ecology, 11:213-223 (2018) [PDF]
  4. Takashina, N., J.H. Lee & H.P. Possingham, Effect of marine reserve establishment on non-cooperative fisheries management, Ecological Modelling, 360:336-342, (2017) [PDF]
  5. Takashina, N., Simple rules for establishment of effective marine protected areas in an age-structured metapopulation dynamics. Journal of Theoretical Biology,  391:88-94, (2016) (Abstract) [PDF]
  6. Takashina, N. & M.L. Baskett, Exploring the effect of the spatial scale of fishery management. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 390:14-22, (2016) (Abstract) [PDF]
  7. Takashina, N. & A. Mougi, Maximum sustainable yields from a spatially-explicit harvest model. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 383:87-92, (2015) (Abstract) [PDF]
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  9. Takashina, N., A. Mougi & Y. Iwasa, Paradox of marine protected area: suppression of fishery may cause species loss. Population Ecology, 54:475-485, (2012) (Abstract) [PDF]

In Review

  1. Takashina, N., B. Kusumoto, Y. Kubota & E.P. Economo, A geometric approach to scaling individual distributions to macroecological patterns, bioRxiv 302810

Peer-reviewed Japanese Articles
  1. Takashina, N., M. Yamashita, and H. Matsuda, Mathematical analysis for fisheries ecosystem management. Geo-Environmental Research, Rissho University, 12:115-119, 2010
Non-reviewed Japanese Articles
  1. Takashina, N., A. Asao, N. Nakamura, Mathematical analysis of smoking population dynamics : an epidemiological model. RIMS Kôkyûroku, 1706:35-40, 2010

Referee Activities

Applied Mathematical Modelling, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, Ecology Letters, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Marine Policy, Mathematical Biosciences, PLOS ONE, Population Ecology, Theoretical Ecology, Theoretical Population Biology

Contact: nao.takashina "at" gmail.com