Naomi and Josh

Updates and photos from Cambodia 

It's hard to believe, but it's been 5 weeks in Cambodia already! We're doing great - here's a quick snapshot of our new lives:

  • after 3 weeks with a friend in a temporary place, we've moved into our new apartment, and it's really nice.
  • we bought a motorbike - a 50cc Honda SuperCub (it's sweet!)
  • Naomi is really glad to be at IJM.  She's really enjoying her co-workers, is learning much about the Cambodian justice system and the efforts being made on many fronts to improve it, and despite the ugliness and the atrocities she has been seeing in the course of her work, she remains hopeful and has been able to take delight in the small victories.  
  • Josh is still looking for a job, but is enjoying having time to take photographs, get our apartment furnished, exercise, read, and do some volunteer work.










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