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"W-H-Y". This was my first word. My parents and teachers have answered my countless questions ranging from flubber and the internet to organic chemistry and nuclear energy. At 5, my interest in science was sparked through camps at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and LEGO Robotics competitions. I have conducted research over the past 5 years; my projects ranging from studying air quality in sustainable structures and developing an AI algorithm (Middle School) to Modeling Global Warming and Quantifying the Effect of Air Pollution on Lung Health (High School).

Having completed high school science and math classes by freshman year, I have completed several college-level classes including Calculus, Statistics, and Engineering Physics, and am currently enrolled in Chemistry and a Medical Science Inquiry course. This summer I am excited about researching at the Oregon Health and Sciences University any linkage between exposure to volatile organic compounds and cancer.

My dream is to become an inventor and entrepreneur with a passionate focus on environmental public health. I want to use science and engineering to innovate; making human life easier and more efficient, but sustainably. Beyond high school, I aspire to major in Environmental Sciences followed by a Ph.D research program. My interest in science and engineering stemmed from the countless hours I spent at the science museum playing with flubber and robots, but it has grown into a passion that has been fueled by the environmental science research I have recently delved into.


About Me
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