About Me


Naomi considers herself a teacher librarian with a twist of technology. She's been in education for 26 years, serving as a librarian for sixteen years.

Naomi is active online and collaborates with teachers about young adult books, educational technology, library resources, and advocating on the importance of school libraries. 

She has traveled throughout the country as a speaker for public and school librarians and works extensively within her state speaking on the topics of digital literacy, web tool integration, YA booktalking, social media as educational tools and library advocacyShe has keynoted in South Africa for the School Librarians Conference and the Houston ISD Library Conference.

Naomi is active in the Texas Library Association having served as a leader in various capacities. She has served on other committees, including being part of the Texas Library Association Executive Board.  Naomi has also been active in the Texas Computer Educators Association (TCEA) for over ten years, serving as a library leader and technology presenter.  She is a member of the American Library Association and has presented at their national conference.

She believes in creating a foundation based on relationships, learning, and community, where ideas, academic learning, and collaboration can occur on a local or global scale.  

Her ultimate educational goal is to make the new 21st century library an idea and place that resonates with all current and future users.  Naomi incorporates her goal by breaking stereotypes of what a librarian is and the environment they work in through school advocacy to different audiences.  Her passion is the library, and she focuses on making her goals happen through advocacy, involvement and a willingness to learn and put that learning into action.