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Years of conditioning has resulted in millions of people who feel a strong compulsion to belong to a group and to be led.  Though we might find other people inspirational, entire truth cannot be found in one religion alone or one political party or spiritual group.

The moment we embrace someone else’s ideology whole heartedly, we become victims also of their imperfections and mistakes.

People are seduced by kind words which makes them feel good.  They buy into these systems of control making deep; emotional investments, spiritual investments, time and sometimes financial.

Once the herd mentality is committed to a belief system, they ignore all the sign posts and warning bells.  Any pertinent questions regarding their belief system is no longer tolerated.  They begin living in denial and oppose all other points of view regardless of the evidence, in order to protect the investment which becomes more important than the truth.

Rather than taste the delusion of bitter disappointment, the herd mentality will vigorously defend a belief system which is fundamentally flawed; because acquiescing to someone else’s thoughts and decisions becomes easier than examining our own...refusing to analyse the evidence in fear of losing a perceived freedom – a belief system – the control mechanism. But ‘truth’ quite simply does not fear examination.

Belief systems have been designed and manipulated for thousands of years in order to produce wholesale wars, poverty and cruelty.  The truth is beautiful, even when it’s not pretty. The truth is your own inner light – not  someone else’s...Recognise it, embrace it, bathe in it, live it and become it. -  Copyright Naomi Astral © 2012