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Criminal archaeology - would you trust this guy with a DNA sample!? [I'm thinking about king Tut here.]

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Education is designed to promote the governments view on culture, which actually has little to do with ‘truth’. They design curriculum's for teachers who are instructed not to deviate from it.  Teachers  present information to students as ‘fact based’ when most of what is taught in schools and universities is based on unproven theories rather than empirical evidence. Universities are filled with government-sponsored professors contracted to teach a particular world view; if they deviate from this, their funding is withdrawn and their reputations are shredded; some even loose their lives. There is a growing number of anomalous deaths from scientists around the world.

Museums were created to hide the truth – BOOM!

The same can be said for Archaeologists and Anthropologists; they’re mostly government funded and affiliated to Universities, so they have to tow the government line. Museums were created to hide the truth. Not only are museums extremely selective regarding what they display, they often display a copy of an artefact, which often looks nothing like the original [artistic license]. The most delicious and controversial artefacts are stored away, or in private collections or even destroyed because museums exist to support a false his-story of mankind. European sciences were developed in the 1800's and is no coincidence that Anthropology was also developed during this time, along with Eugenics and other period of time or place has been given its own science. This was to ensure that the new sciences supported the false his-story which had been re-written at this time.

Science/scientists exist to give evidence to what the governments ‘want us to believe’ and most of what they say is based on theory and not facts. Whenever a non-government scientists provides contrary evidence based on facts, the mass media [Hollywood] rarely publishes this information.

People have been programmed to trust scientists. Whenever the government wants to adjust or create a new belief, they roll out a celebrity scientist or archaeologist, this is Hollywood's version of the truth. Often, they will fund a new study setting out the parameters for the government sponsored scientists beforehand. And when you’re being paid handsomely for research, whether you agree with the study or not, the wealth becomes a tempting paradigm. The medical and pharma companies are full of unscrupulous scientists and clinicians who don’t give a hoot about your health – not when the money’s rolling in. And those who aren't prepared to tow the government line simply don’t get employment.

I'm sure most people remember the Egyptian revolution in January 2011, which snowballed into protests all over the Middle East.

As soon as I became aware of the Egyptian demonstrations, I recognised it as a ‘false flag’ event; [where the elite create manufactured drama in order to conceal what is really going on] and sure enough, this drama also included the looting of Egyptian museums and sites – courtesy of Zahi Hawass, ‘tomb raider’ who is dedicated to destroying the evidence and truth. There's much more going on than looting which I'll talk about in another post [can't do it justice here].

Zahi Hawass is a proven liar, with very dubious credentials as an Archaeologist and for three decades has been destroying evidence, hiding discoveries and contaminating DNA samples. He has destroyed the careers of truthful Archaeologists and refused permits to anyone with a different viewpoint. No one has been allowed to make any ‘independent discoveries’ and TV channels have to pay extortionate sums of money to gain access to ancient Egyptian sites with the condition that Zahi Hawass is the main feature.

Cayce Foundation recruits Hawass and pays for Hawass’ Ph.D in the US

Hawass studied Egyptology in the US and according to Robert Bauval; it was the Cayce Foundation, [as in - Edgar Cayce] who paid for Hawass’ Ph.D.

‘I got him a scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania in Egyptolgy, to get his Ph.D. I got the scholarship through an 'ARE' person who happened to be on the Fullbright scholarship board’ – Cayce.’

ARE is the, ‘Association for Research and Enlightenment’ A tool to ensure that Cayce and his affiliates, [to the exclusion of everyone else] keep the secret knowledge, secret.

Edgar Cayce [left] - David Wilcock claims to be his reincarnation. 

Also known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’ 1877-1945 Cayce was regarded as an extraordinary psychic. He gave readings and insights regarding future and past earth events. He popularised phrases such as; meditation, Akashic records, auras, soul mates and spiritual growth, he was one of the proponents of the new-age cults. Cayce’s readings are stored at, 'Cayce’s Foundation.'  Apparently, in an meditative state, Cayce, when provided with a name and location of anyone in the world could give accurate details and information about them. ARE [the Association for Research and Enlightenment] has stored over 14,000 of Cayce’s readings.

According to Cayce's prophecies, the Great Lakes would empty into the Gulf of Mexico, linked with a time when ancient repositories of knowledge would be discovered.  This would happen as people reached the appropriate level of consciousness.  The three repositories mentioned are in Egypt, the Bimini area, and the Yucatan.

Cayce also prophesied about the great Sphinx and changing land masses; “..Portions of the New York, or New York City itself, will disappear as well as the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia. Land will appear in the Atlantic and Pacific. [Rise of Atlantis?] And what is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. Even many battle fields of the present will be oceans, seas, the bays, the lands over which 'The New World Order' will carry on their trade as one with another... The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea... The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye.

A record of Atlantis from the beginnings of those periods when the Spirit took form or began the encasements in that land, and the developments of the peoples throughout their sojourn, with the record of the first destruction and the changes that took place in the land...

This in position lies, as the sun rises from the waters, the line of the shadow [or light] falls between the paws of the Sphinx, that was later set as the sentinel or guard, and which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx's paw [right paw] until the TIME has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man's experience.."

Between, then, the Sphinx and the river [378-16]

Cayce said of the Sphinx,  "..Yet, as time draws nigh when changes are to come about, there may be the opening of those three places where the records are one, to those that are the initiates in the knowledge of the One God:

The temple by Iltar will then rise again. Also there will be the opening of the temple or hall of records in Egypt, and those records that were put into the heart of the Atlantean land may also be found there - that have been kept, for those that are of that group...”

Richard Hoagland, Hawass' illegal excavations

Hoagland spoke about Hawass, who was supposedly conducting illegal excavations under the Great Pyramid, and all sorts of other nefarious activities. Hoagland also claimed that Hawass, had chosen all of the landing sites for the planetary exploration missions NASA had sent up over the past several years.

Anyhow, you can see from the above account why many esoteric, secret and extremely wealthy organisations and individuals are interested in controlling ancient antiquities, museums and archaeological sites. They have been back-engineering Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian and Meso-American technologies and esoteric knowledge ever since Champollion deciphered Medu Neter or ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, meaning ‘words of the gods’ [see my post on the Rosetta Stone].

Since the Egyptian revolution in January 2011 there has been unusual activity and military presence. Although they say, 'it's business as usual', tourist are often prevented from getting close to these sites. 

Hawass returns to Egypt with lots of influential friends

Hawass returned to Egypt to teach Archaeology and expanded his influence on Egyptology. Hawass said that he resigned from his position as Chief Inspector of the Giza Pyramid Plateau in 1993. According to others, Hawass was fired because a valuable ancient statue was stolen from Giza. This became the main feature of Hawass’ career, ‘disappearing artefacts’ and private visits to Egyptian ancient sites for the rich and famous. This however, did not hamper his career prospects; he continued to dominate Egyptology for almost 3 decades and was appointed Secretary of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities in 2002. Hawass was promoted personally by President, Hosni Mubarak in 2009 as Vice Minister of Culture.

It was in the 80’s when Hawass rose to personal fame when he began his intoxicating love affair with TV, magazines and books which made him a household name. There have been countless reports regarding his lecherous nature towards the young female Archaeologists, his vile explosive temper and his poor approach to Archaeology. Many genuine Archaeologist and Egyptologists have been horrified at his 'unscientific approach' and his disregard when examining ancient mummies.

Hawass masterminded the planning and initial construction of the $550 million Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza. When completed in 2015, it will be the largest Archaeological museum in the world, housing more than 100,000 artefacts and expecting around 5 million visitors per year. It’s just a pity that the billions made in tourism, documentaries, books and magazines has not improved the lives of the locals who live in dire poverty.

Hawass is narcissism on a stick, last year he launched a clothing line named after himself in Harrods, and his last book, ‘A Secret Voyage’ is Egypt’s most expensive book ever, carrying a price tag of 22,000 Egyptian pounds [about £2,300] with only 750 copies printed.

Quite recently Hawass was facing yet another corruption charge regarding a $ 17 million deal he made for the king Tut tour.

A secret Voyage by Zahi Hawass, cost: 22,000 LE and it’s all about ‘him’.

No Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Geneticist, Geologists or Egyptologists are given a permit for access to Egyptian Archaeological sites unless they strictly conformed to Hawass’ doctrines. No one has been allowed to publish new findings. All information including; documentaries, articles, press releases, TV documentaries and National Geographic have been under the fanatical control of Hawass. He has blackmailed other countries by expelling foreign Archaeologists and suspending digs until artefacts from Egypt have been returned. This is how he first became known to the public, demanding the return of thousands of artefacts from around the world and threatening countries with legal action otherwise. Now, this is just staggering hypocrisy considering Hawass has been looting artefacts from Egyptian museums and Archaeological sites. The Arabs in Cairo are not indigenous Egyptians and have no biological, cultural, social or religious affiliation with the ancients. So, it’s laughable that they spend hundreds of years destroying these sites and then demand the [very expensive items to be returned] Hawass always made sure he was the public face of Egyptology at every level. 

All of this information is not only freely available on the internet but well known too amongst Archaeologists, Egyptologists and other researchers. Hawass’ has been storing recent discoveries, hidden away in storehouses kept well out of the way of any serious researchers and not available for the public to see - the rest he sells to private collections.

Archaeologist, Sarah Parcak helped pioneer ‘Satellite Archaeology’ – she was eventually given permission by Hawass to test her theory regarding its accuracy. Hawass agreed - for the usual extortionate fee of course and a personal appearance on the program. Parcak used satellite and radar mapping to determine the probable site of a major ancient city buried beneath the sands. Long story short: after telling Hawass that she had located the site via satellite, at least 20 enormous new and illegal digging sites appeared in this area...coincidence..?  

Hawass declined to comment on the program about the looters and simply stated that he would never have been interested in satellite Archaeology had he not seen the results for himself. 

Satellite photography above by Sarah Parcak

above: Zahi Hawass emerging from a tunnel from the tomb of Seti 1 which apparently leads nowhere ;)

Hawass ejects archaeologist from Egypt who found the remains of Nefertiti

Dr Joann Fletcher has a phenomenal pedigree regarding education and experience; an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology at the University of York, also; Consultant Egyptologist for Harrowgate Museums and Arts aswel as, an expert in ancient mummies, their tattoos, wigs and hair. Hawass gave her permission to carry out research in tomb KV35 in the Valley of the Kings. During her research, Dr Fletcher found the mummy of Nefertiti which was completely dismissed by Hawass who had her removed from the project saying that, 'she had broken the rules'. A Canadian broadcasting Corporation followed up her experience with a documentary.

Hawass has been under fire from various sides in recent years, accusing him of dictatorial policies concerning his refusal for debate and his own scientific findings. The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information [ANHRI] called out Hawass in 2009 for physically pushing a researcher for expressing different views, which led to dozens of investigations.

A number of interns told Bikya Masr that Hawass takes advantage of those needing internships with the SCA. He takes on American students, promises them adequate salaries and then refuses to pay. '..He is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for each appearance he makes for the Discovery Channel; and every time he writes or appears anywhere. The man makes so much money that it is no wonder he tries to curtail others opinions...everyone in the council knows what goes on; but he is the boss and his rules go, so there's little we can do..'' researcher for the SCA told Bikya Masr.

Archaeologists say, that it is well known that Hawass takes bribes in order to give permits; '..And he is big on cronyism and sexual favours. He gives key positions to women for specific reasons and has often been seen will call girls and escorts..'

Another source said that Egyptologists fear making the sort of discovery that would attract Hawass' attention. The implication is that Hawass does not give credit to other Archaeologists and any finds can be fatal for their career. 

Zahi Hawass has damaged Egyptology

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YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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