Ribhu Gita

Six verses from chapter 5, selected by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Sri Ramana gave a copy of Ribhu Gita to Sampurnamma, who worked in the Ashram kitchen, and asked her to study it. However she considered it to be a very difficult text, which was accessible only to pandits with sufficient learning to understand it and therefore asked Bhagavan to excuse her from it. 

Bhagavan replied, “It does not matter that you do not understand. Still it will be of great benefit to you”. 

Bhagavan gave another piece of Bhakti advice to Sampurnamma, “You must cover your vegetables when you cook them, then only will they keep their flavour and be fit for food. It is the same with the mind. You must put a lid over it and let it simmer quietly. Then only does a man become food fit for God to eat”. 

The six verses from Ribhu Gita: 

1) The concept 'I-am-the-body' is the sentient inner organ (i.e. the mind). It is also the illusory samsara. It is the source of all groundless fears. If there is no trace of it at all, everything will be found to be Brahman. (17) 

2) The concept 'I-am-the-body' is the primal ignorance. It is known as the firm knot of the heart (hrdayagranthi). It gives rise to the concepts of existence and non-existence. If there is no trace of it at all, everything will be found to be Brahman. (19) 

3) Jiva is a concept, God, the world, the mind, desires, action, sorrow and all other things are all concepts. (25) 

4) The mind is unreal. It is like a magic show. It is the son of a barren woman. It is absolutely non-existent. Since there is no mind there are no concepts, no Guru, no disciple, no world, no jiva. All concepts are really Brahman. (36) 

5) The body, etc., are only concepts. Hearing, etc. (i.e. hearing, reasoning and contemplating) are concepts. Self-enquiry is a concept. All other things are also concepts. Concepts give rise to the world, the jivas and God. There is nothing whatever except concepts. Everything is in truth Brahman. (30) 

6) Abiding without concepts is the undifferentiated state. It is inherence (in Brahman). It is wisdom. It is Liberation. It is the natural state (sahaja). It is Brahman. It is Siva. If there is no concept at all everything will be found to be Brahman. (26) 

(as presented in The Mountain Path - Jayanti Issue 2000, Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai)