Nāgārjuna's Noes - the eight nos of nāgārjuna

Nagarjuna at Samye Ling Centre, Scotland (photo: B. Matthews)

The Eight Negations

anirodham anutpādam anucchedam aśāśvatam
anekārtham anānārtham anirgamam anāgamam

no dissolution - no production | no destruction - no eternity
no unity - no manifoldness | no going out - no coming in (trans. MWright)

In daily practice, can one who plays with reflections ever attain the Way?
Smash the worthless old mirror and your original face will shine
(A Quiet Room - Jakushitsu trans. Braverman, 2000; 94)

All dharmas are characteristically empty. To say that there is "no unity - no manifoldness" whilst revelling in the bondage of unity and manifoldness is the mindstuff of a stupid person. In death, where is destruction? In birth, where is eternity? Independent, non-arising, without mark, abiding. 
The illusory entrance and exit of the leading player need not cause distress. Know the principle of mind and remove the delusion of gain and loss!

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