(ch. ch'an-na; jap. zen)

What is "Dhyāna"?

Dhyāna (skt.) is where erroneous thoughts are not. The word was transliterated into Chinese as ch'an - a contraction of ch'an-na - and into Japanese as zenna - better known as zen. 

☯ Dhyāna is a direct pointing to the heart, without undue dependence on words (i.e. speech, scriptures, conceptualisation, discursive thought), revealing svabhāva (one's own true nature) which is beyond discriminations of self and other.

True Dhyāna is not something to be relegated to seated meditation at specific times but rather a practice to be carried with one at all times. It is without stages. It is not bound to, or by, any religion. It is the direct experience not only of sages, saints, buddhas but also of anyone else you care to mention.

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