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Our History

History of Nanteglwys & Gwenddwr

There is a fair amount of local history behind these names, going back to the monks that worked the local area:

1240-1 Gruffydd Vachan (bailiff of Walter Clifford III) and ‘others of Welshry’ committed trespass violence and grievances upon Dore’s men and lands. He and Meredith ap Rhys acknowledged their faults before the Prior of Monmouth, Walter Clifford III, restored part of the Eppynt he had taken, and allowed the monks to enclose, assart (clear bushes & trees) and cultivate pastures at Gwenddwr & Nanteglwys.


Our present day monk

John Davies (Andrew's great great grandfather) in the Royal Welsh

The Gwenddwr prefix was used by John Davies, pictured left, he was the blacksmith and innkeeper of the Unicorn Inn in Gwenddwr. Here's an exert about him:

'Davies the Blacksmith was a well known personality throughout the district. He was a great public speaker and while talking would get very excited and gesticulate wildly.'

The Gwenddwr prefix is still in the family, registered to us.


Condensed form of our family tree to show Welsh Cob studs


The Nanteglwys prefix was registered by ourselves when we started to breed Welsh Cobs. The first one registered was Nanteglwys Royal Lady, foaled in 1995. 

We then started this website in 1996 to promote Welsh Cobs.

Yorkin Replica Lady & Nanteglwys Royal Lady

Some more of our ancestors with their horses.

Mrs Hannah Davies (Andrew's great great great grandmother) shopping in Builth Wells 

Ray Davies (Andrew's great uncle) in Erwood Home Guard 

Rhys Davies of Cwmdu (Andrew's great uncle), with Blaencwm Brenin (by Hendy Brenin)

One of Meryl's relations


Brenin was bred by Rhys in 1968, he was used shepherding on the hills. He came 2nd in Royal Welsh Show 1969 to Llanarth Flying Comet. His mother and grandmother had both been working on the farm for many years at Blaencwm-Isaf, Cwmdu. 

Stallion at stud advert from William De la Haye (Andrew's great great great grandfather) for 1917

Geoff Lewis & Family

Nantymynach Farm, Llaneglwys, Erwood, Builth Wells, Powys LD2 3BQ.

+44 (0) 1982 560327

Web: www.nanteglwys.co.uk

E-mail: enquiries@nanteglwys.co.uk

Geoff & Andrew Lewis are members of the Welsh Pony & Cob Society with whom our horses are registered