About us

NanoWorcester is a group of faculty members, working at Higher Educational Institutions within Worcester and surrounding area, who share interests in doing research related to nano-bioscience or teaching nanoscience or nanotechnology in general.
Our goal is to promote interactions and collaborations among researchers within various institutions through informal meetings and organizing an annual symposium. We also plan to share information about available resources (instrumentation & shared facilities) within the colleges we belong to so as to strengthen and expand our research. We had our first meeting on July 14, 2010, which resulted in forming this group.
General research interests of members include imaging, renewable energy alternatives, nanofabrications, sustainability, environmental remediation and nanomedicine.
The members of this group are listed with links under members.

Members of the Steering Committee:

Robert M Bellin, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

College of Holy Cross

Phone: 508-793-3422

Email: rbellin@holycross.edu


Michael Boyer, PhD

Assistant Professor of Physics

Clark University

Phone: 508-793-7470

Email: mboyer@clarku.edu 

Nancy A Burnham, PhD

Associate Professor, Physics Department

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Phone: 508-831-5365

Email: nab@wpi.edu

Alice Gardner, PhD

Associate Professor of Pharmacology

MCPHS University

Phone: 5083735665

Email: alice.gardner@mcphs.edu

Sergio Granados-Focil, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Clark University

Phone: 508-793-7375

Email: sgranadosfocil@clarku.edu

Reema Zeineldin, PhD

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Mercy College

Phone: 914-674-7648

Email: rzeineldin@mercy.edu

If you are interested in joining our group please email: