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Website & Project Outline

Value Chain as a Web-based Analytical Tool
NC in the Global Economy: this website is a web-based version of a value chain analysis for seven major North Carolina industries. Think of your project as if each of you were collecting data for the "value chain" tab/page, and then each of the four groups is working towards developing the content for an additional page. Note that your pages will not necessarily have the same headings, for example:

Tab Name
 Working Group
 Information to Include
 Basic information collected in Step 1
 Tables WG2 & All
 Tables of funding, patents, publications, firms, & market share
 Maps Indy & WG4
 Maps of table data, product tracing, and location footprints
 Value Chain
 All Versions for final products traced using VC template (Step 4)
 Corporations WG4 Profile leading firms and/or countries (Step 7)
 Workers/Jobs WG3: Groups I & II
 Focus on EHS & risk perception (change title)
 Public Policy
 WG3: Groups I & II
 U.S. industrial policy & regulations
 Resources All Data sources used (expand my list)

Other Page Options:

  • Historical Perspective:  Did the nanomaterial or final product exist before? How is the nanomaterial enabling new products or existing current products?
  • Research and Development or Innovation: where is innovation coming from? Corporations, universities, community colleges, research centers, start-ups? Information related to the number of publications?
  • Intellectual Property: IP issues, scope, sources and # of patents  
  • Public Perception/Consumers: provide information related to consumer issues to complement the issues (primarily EHS related) that concern workers. 
Project Materials:
  • CNS Introduction to the Value Chain Approach for Nanotechnology in Society Research: Introduction, Steps, and Resources: PDF (Frederick 2009)
  • CNS Introduction to Value Chains Presentation: Powerpoint: (2009)
  • CNS Value Chain Analysis Examples: Powerpoint: (2009)
  • CNS Nanotechnology Value Chain Visual: JPEG (2009)
  • CNS Nanosilver Value Chain Example: PDF (Frederick 2009)