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How do I help others ask me the "right" questions? Creating a drafty resume


A resume is a versatile tool - it provides a future employer with knoweldge about you so they can ask you questions you want to answer during the interview and serves as a reminder of your unique skills and abilities after the interview. Use this time to create a basic 1-page resume to use to apply for summer jobs and future technical or nano work!


Before you can write your own resume, you need to learn about the structure of one. Then you can create a draft of your resume. End by conducting a "mock" interview with another learner, using their resume to help you ask the "right" questions.


  • Test it out!
    • Use the question prompts and conversation roadmap to interview a partner about their resume.
      • Use their resume to craft some questions.
      • Ask the questions.
      • Provide feedback to your partner about their resume.

Why this works

You can use this resume this summer to apply for work - and in the future as you look toward choosing jobs along your career pathway. The real-world application of the nano knowledge can help you convey high expectations of yourself to future employers. Show your resume to your parent, guardian, or another caring adult who's opinion you respect. See what type of advice they might have for you.

Wrap Up

Return to your notebook and reflect on the "mock" interview. What parts of your resume were you asked about the most? Did you see something on someone else's resume you'd like to mimic?


  • Butcher paper
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Based on

  • Original work by McREL