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Workshop: Finding Nano@Work


Where do you look and what do you look for to find a job in the incredibly new and exciting field of nanotechnology? Lets start by investigating local businesses and industries that utilize nanotechnology. 


Reflect on what you know about yourself and your career path, investigate local nano businesses, and find out what and who they are looking for. Identify where they advertise for those people, then add some details to your career map.


Why this works

Learning where to look and what to look for are key to finding the job you want. This session allows you to target the topics you find interesting and this can be motivating.

Wrap Up

Find a new partner. Practice your conversation skills by discussing the most interesting job you found with a partner. Some other question prompts to consider:

    • What made it interesting to you?
    • Were they looking to hire?
    • How might you fit in? 


  • Notebook



Based on

  • Original work by McREL
Sandra Weeks,
Aug 28, 2013, 2:18 PM