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Have we arrived? What more do you need to understand the size of objects in the nanoscience world?


This is a flexible session to ensure you've arrived at a good understanding of the size of objects in the nanoscience world. 


Life presents us with a lot of choices. How will you choose to use this time? Getting a better grip on the different size worlds we've been exploring (macro, micro, nano)? Learning more cool ways to filter water? Thinking about becoming a nano entrepreneur? We've offered you a variety of activities and extensions - and recategorized them here - so you can easily select one that addresses your needs or interests.
Don't see your needs addressed? Talk with your facilitator and leave us a comment describing your need and how you tackled it below so we can help others!


Why this works

We all process information at different speeds and in different ways. It's unusual for everyone in a group to have the same needs. This time is to attend to your needs so we can all arrive at the same destination. We offer choices here so you can make sure your needs are met.

Wrap Up

Get everyone in a circle and share how you know you've arrived at this destination. Where do we go next? We'll dive into a better understanding of how we can manipulate nanosized objects!


  • Headphones (optional)
  • Notebook



Based on

  • Original work by McREL