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Workshop: From concept to consumer


It takes more than a good idea to save the world - you have to know how to get your ideas to the people that need them! Let's think about what it takes to take a good idea from concept out to consumers.


Reflect on what you learned about water filtration, investigate some additional world-changing ideas, and work together to devise plans that could transform those ideas into products for people that need them.


Why this works

There are plenty of good ideas out there that never make it to the consumer. Why? It's usually because the inventor lacked the necessary skills, besides "invention," that are needed to move a product from idea to marketability. The good news is that the nano market is so new it needs people with all of these skills.

Wrap Up

On your nanoex page, record your initial plan for moving your chosen product to market. Next, reflect on your choices: Why did you choose the product that you did? What was it about the product that you really liked? Who did you choose as your marketing audience? Why? Did you think of new uses for the product that weren't discussed in your article?


  • Headphones (optional)



Based on

  • Original material created by McREL
  • NanoLink Module IV: Technology Maturity and Societal Impacts
Sharon Unkart,
Dec 27, 2012, 2:37 PM
Sharon Unkart,
Dec 21, 2012, 10:39 AM