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What is NanoEx?


NanoEx is a hands-on, minds-on, career-creating opportunity. Here we go!


Today we're introduced to each other, and the program.
Circle up! Leave plenty of room to toss the beach ball. Let's get started with introductions.

Toss the ball. When you catch it, say your name and then answer the question that your right pointer-finger lands on. 

Move quickly--if someone is stuck, move on and return to that person later

Make sure everyone has at least one turn to answer

What makes nano special?

Divide up into teams of 2-3 people and explroe one of the following activities. 

Why this works

We learn about the world through relationships, conversations and exploration. These are also key elements [Teamwork Communication!] essential to success in the workforce. Begin establishing relationships with your fellow NanoExers and the program overall and given some time to explore materials that introduce you to how different the nano world is from our daily experience. This can be motivating because you can know which forest you're in before you examine the trees.

Wrap Up

  • Count off into new teams.
  • Share what nanotechnology you explored with your new team.
  • What excites you most about the program?
  • What questions do you have?
 Based On
  • Original work by McREL


  • Beach ball
  • Supplies for individual nano activities 

Advanced prep:

Write the following questions on the color bands of the ball

  • What sparked your interest in NanoEx?
  • One special talent/hobby
  • What is something no one would know from looking at you?
  • Faorite music/ book/movie/sport?
  • What is one Career Goal?
  • What superpower would be most useful to you at this time?